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Watch: Chris Crocker Rocks a Viral Video Follow Up With 'Leave Trump Alone' @chriscrocker

If you don’t remember Chris Crocker’s ‘leave Britney alone’ video from 10 years ago, it was huge. It’s been a decade already?? Chris survived online bullying, trolls, homophobia and knows something about social media. 51 more words


2016 Vampire H to K

We have arrived at Day 3 of our annual trek through the alphabet.

On Wednesday, we featured a hero, a faker and a mom.

Today we start off with a bit of faith. 960 more words


Bachelorette Recap, Week 4: Trouble in Bro-ridise

Now that Chad is gone, a new villain had to step up the plate. But in this case, he needed a step stool to get up there. 476 more words


Chris Crocker

Socionics: ESI
Enneagram: 9w8
Instinctual Stacking: Sx/Sp
Tritype: 936, The Mediator


• Self-types as INFJ (based on taking online tests only). Commonly Type 9 people mistype themselves as being Fe ego, due to the nature of the Type 9. 201 more words


I Love Man-Repellent And Why You Should Too

Well world, I’ve done something I vowed to never do: join Pinterest. I just began my internship as a Style Guru for College Fasionista, and as part of that internship, I had to join Pinterest. 512 more words