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2016 Vampire H to K

We have arrived at Day 3 of our annual trek through the alphabet.

On Wednesday, we featured a hero, a faker and a mom.

Today we start off with a bit of faith. 960 more words


Bachelorette Recap, Week 4: Trouble in Bro-ridise

Now that Chad is gone, a new villain had to step up the plate. But in this case, he needed a step stool to get up there. 476 more words


Chris Crocker

Socionics: ESI
Enneagram: 9w8
Instinctual Stacking: Sx/Sp
Tritype: 936, The Mediator


• Self-types as INFJ (based on taking online tests only). Commonly Type 9 people mistype themselves as being Fe ego, due to the nature of the Type 9. 201 more words


I Love Man-Repellent And Why You Should Too

Well world, I’ve done something I vowed to never do: join Pinterest. I just began my internship as a Style Guru for College Fasionista, and as part of that internship, I had to join Pinterest. 512 more words


Youtuber Swag

So, I must admit… I am a fangirl. I have gotten merch from several youtubers recently. Past merch included Shane Dawson’s first released shirt to Hot Topic and then his book I Hate My Selfie on his book tour. 79 more words

Instagram VOD: #itschriscrocker

Because I adore him, and he makes me laugh. Do yourself a favor and follow him at @itschriscrocker. He will put a smile on your face. 25 more words


Wow! The 'Leave Britney Alone' Guy is HOT Now!

Who could forget Chris Crocker, the guy who passionately defended Britney Spears during her epic 2007 meltdown?

In a year this will be a decade ago.

169 more words