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Where You've Seen The Cast Of NBC's 'Undateable' Before

Every TV show has a moment where you see a cast member and think, “I know that guy… but from where?” Undateable has more than a few of those moments, so as a public service, here’s where you know the main cast from. 412 more words



Beards…What can you say about them? You either love them or you don’t! Personally, I never loved facial hair before but am finding that as I get older, they seem more attractive. 167 more words

Online Dating

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As a single guy, who has a beard himself, I've noticed a lot more women including my female friends loving my beard. It's good to know more women are starting to like guys with beards but of course I'm not talking about the dudes, who look homeless with a beard. I feel much more masculine with my beard and confident so maybe females can tell. Either way my weekends are booked...;) image

REVIEW: Chris D'Elia at the Pabst Theater

When I first saw Chris D’Elia I thought: “here’s a guy who’d walk away from a burning building with a rifle slung over his shoulder and a Soundgarden song playing in the background.” He has a wiley stare, Jack Nicholson eyebrows, and luscious locks flowing around his stubble-covered jaw. 271 more words


An interview with comedian Chris D'elia

By James King

On Thursday, Sept. 25, Chris D’elia, a stand up comedian, actor, and rapper entertained Albany with a comedy show at The Egg. While he is known for his comedy special “White male, Black comic”, he performed all new material. 497 more words