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'Undateable' fan recap: All in the family

Season 2 | Episode 2 | “Candace’s Boyfriend Walks Into a Bar” | Aired March 24, 2015

It’s been two weeks since the new waitress started working at the bar, and Justin feels like Candace needs a relationship intervention. 679 more words

'Undateable' season premiere fan recap: Catch and release

Season 2 | Episode 1 | “A Japanese Businessman Walks Into a Bar” | Aired Mar 17, 2015

It’s been nine months since we last checked in on the relationship status of our favorite… 944 more words

6 Zingers From 'The Roast Of Justin Bieber' That Will Make You Cringe

Ready, aim, fire!

Roast master Kevin Hart led an unrelenting group of comedians at the taping of Comedy Central’s upcoming Roast of Justin Bieber this past weekend. 373 more words


Bieber Is The Butt Of The Joke, Says Sorry At Comedy Roast

CULVER CITY (AP) — Justin Bieber really wants you to like him again. After being the butt of the joke for hours during the taping of his Comedy Central roast, the 21-year-old singer gave a contrition speech. 324 more words


Justin Bieber's Hair Makeover -- Back To 'Bieber Swoop' Style

It’s ‘Beauty and the Bieber’! Justin brought his ‘Bieber Swoop’ hairstyle back from the past in a new selfie he posted on Instagram on Mar. 10. 266 more words

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Justin Bieber Roast: Selena Gomez Jokes Are A 'Go', Says Chris D'Elia

Chris D’Elia, one of the roasters preparing to take on Justin Bieber for Comedy Central, has revealed EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife.com that he is planning to make quite a few Selena Gomez jokes! 315 more words

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The Justin Bieber Roasters Names Are Revealed, Who Cares?

Not exactly a lot of A-Listers or comedy greats, this roast (like it’s target) may turn out to be a flat joke.

The following “stars” will be raosting the Bieb – 28 more words