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The Cardboard Creations of Chris Gilmour

Artists use a variety of materials for not only inspiration but also manufacture. Chris Gilmour takes the homely cardboard box and transforms it into something beautiful. 316 more words


The amazing cardboard sculptures of Chris Gilmour

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Well, after a couple of posts about wooden Vespa’s… I thought it was time for a cardboard Lambretta!

It’s kind of hard to believe, but this beauty is made out of two things only. 126 more words


Chris Gilmour

(from: http://www.chrisgilmour.com)

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(from: http://www.chrisgilmour.com)


Amazing Life-Sized Cardboard Art

These pieces were created by Chris Gilmour, an English artist specialising in the creation of life-sized sculptures made with recycled cardboard and glue. The only thing I can make out of cardboard is a box, and that’s only because there’s instructions on the side. 68 more words

Cardboard art

BRITISH artist Chris Gilmour, 34, creates amazing lifelike art using just cardboard and glue.

His works range from an Aston Martin DB5 and Fiat 500 to a Harley-Davidson. 160 more words


Chris Gilmour

Born in the UK and now residing in Italy, Chris Gilmour creates amazing life-size sculptures all out of found objects, such as cardboard and shopping bags. 35 more words


Sculptor makes life-sized statue of St George from cardboard boxes

It’s a towering legend held in high esteem by Englishmen. Now, British artist Chris Gilmour has recreated St George slaying the dragon in a 3m (10ft) statue – made entirely from cardboard and glue. 259 more words