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Find your Voice

On my first year in high school, a close friend sent me a wonderful song sung by American singer Chris Kirkpatrick, titled Find your Voice… 572 more words

Inspiration Every Day

Throwback Thursday: "Just Got Paid"

Today, I was visited with a strong urge to revisit my “boy band” days. So without any hesitation, I dug out my copy of No Strings Attached… 22 more words

Throwback Thursday

Adam's Fun Facts: Kool-Aid, Chris Kirkpatrick, Rhino Poop & More

What animal can produce up to 50 pounds of poop a day?  What is the only state capital with a population of over 1 million?  What band rejected Chris Kirkpatrick before he helped form N’Sync?  146 more words


Top 5ive singles: NSYNC

It’s only fitting that I broke down the top 5 singles of different artists/groups that make me have the feels. The feels of childhood memories and sadness when I couldn’t afford to get CDs and my parents didn’t buy them for me….sigh. 671 more words


Zayn Malik leaves One Direction!

This is the biggest news of the day in music that I’ve heard from everywhere…

…and that is that Zayn Malik is officially no longer a part of One Direction! 525 more words

David Hasselhoff Confirmed for SHARKNADO 3

David Hasselhoff may be dredging the bottom of the barrel here.

Variety is reporting that Syfy’s upcoming Sharknado 3 has just added the former lifeguard extraordinaire to its cast list, this must be a low point in his long downward career. 120 more words