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Anatomy of a Scam: Regnal Media - How a Portland-area advertising startup is turning drug addicts & felons into white collar criminals

***UPDATE*** This is an update to a post originally published in June 2017. In response to this story, CEO Devin Langer contacted the author from his Regnal Media email account in July. 2,307 more words


Damon Davis, Account Manager - Regnal Media

Another Regnal Media Hall of Famer along with Devin Langer, Chris Larson, and Jacinto Hausinger – it’s Account Manager Damon Davis. Although Damon doesn’t have the most impressive mugshot collection out of the Regnal Scam Crew, he certainly has the most impressive charges. 74 more words


Christopher Larson, Co-Owner - Regnal Media

Christopher David Larson is the Co-Owner of Regnal Media along with scumfuck Devin Langer. Like Langer, Larson has a lengthy criminal record including charges for heroin possession, theft, and escape (!). 25 more words


Wisconsin lawmakers circulate legislation denouncing Islamophobia and hate

MILWAUKEE — There was a big crowd Tuesday morning, January 31st at City Hall in Milwaukee as Senator Chris Larson, D-Milwaukee and Rep. Jonathan Brostoff began circulating legislation denouncing Islamophobia and hate in Wisconsin. 90 more words


Devin Langer, CEO - Regnal Media

Devin Clarence Langer is the CEO of Regnal Media. In addition to the hectic schedule of running a scumfuck scam brand, Devin also has a lengthy criminal history including convictions for burglary and theft. 52 more words


"People are really concerned:" Lawmakers submit letter to DOT, wonder whether crash over Hoan was preventable

MILWAUKEE — Three South Shore lawmakers are questioning whether government bureaucrats could’ve prevented the death of a 27-year Milwaukee man whose truck plunged off the Hoan Bridge on Monday, December 19th. 485 more words


3 Democratic state lawmakers call for resignation, removal of Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke

MILWAUKEE — Three Democratic state lawmakers are calling for the resignation of Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.

State Senator Chris Larson, Representative Jonathon Brostoff and Representative Christine Sinicki issued a joint statement Wednesday, December 14th —¬†urging the resignation or removal of Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke. 776 more words