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Into the wild..!!

I am currently reading Jon Krakauer`s “Into The Wild”, which seems to have me starting this blog that I had been stalling for quite sometime now. 239 more words


Time to Practice Swimming, unlike Narcissus

Narcissus was a handsome hunter who knew he was handsome and would show disdain for people who recognized him. He was proud and haughty, if you loved him then he responded with nothing but dislike for you. 826 more words


Your DNA does not define you.

I’ve just finished reading the wonderful Carine McCandless book, The Wild Truth. Being intrigued by the life and unfortunate death of her brother Chris for many years, as depicted in the beautiful book and then film, Into the Wild, I could not wait to read her book in the hopes of gaining a much better understanding of what motivated Chris to live his life as he did. 138 more words


3 things making me happy (Feb. 20). Sad, yes, but also beautiful.

The three things making me happy this week all have a death theme. But for at least two of them, a lot of hope and peace and beauty is conveyed. 171 more words


The Wild Truth, by Carine McCandless, a book review

Have you ever watched one of those extended car chases on television? Many times you never know whether the chase started because of some minor infraction or whether it started because of some historic criminal occurrence. 345 more words

Book Reviews

Chris McCandless and Cheryl Strayed: Tales of when Generation X wandered outside

I’m going to show my age a bit and talk about a particular time of transition.

If you grew up in the 1980s, chances are the stereotypes are pretty familiar: huge hair, lots of synthesizers, “greed is good,” and a general optimism that ended up giving us really bright colors in the stuff we wore and the things we had in our homes. 1,576 more words


Honors 11: End of Into the Wild

We began the day sharing lines that were most clearly embodying Chris/Alex and/or transcendentalist thinking from your selected Eddie Vedder song from the Into the Wild… 100 more words

Honors 11