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Ron Howard is 'beyond grateful' to take the lead of the Han Solo movie

From www.digitaltrends.com –¬† Everyone knows Han Solo shot first, but here’s everything else to know about the upcoming Star Wars anthology film.

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The Han Solo Film Debacle: What the Hell Happened?

The movie industry is a convoluted and fickle place. Big budget blockbusters like The Mummy bomb while a film like Get Out, with a $5 million budget, goes on to make over $250 million worldwide. 1,431 more words

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'Star Wars' Has Had a Really Rough Week

From www.hollywoodreporter.com – The firing of Han Solo directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller comes just days after disastrous reviews for ‘Episode IX’ helmer Colin Trevorrow’s latest film.

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Frank is joined by his Star Wars expert friend, Terry to discuss the abrupt firing of Lord and Miller from the HAN SOLO film, and swift replacement that is Ron Howard.

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Han Solo Gets a New Co-pilot!

It seems that modern films are plagued with problems more than ever, especially the big blockbuster ones! barely a day goes by without news of a script re-write, re-shoots, cast or crew drop outs or release dates being changed. 272 more words


New Details Emerge from the Set of the HAN SOLO Production 

Entertainment Weekly has dropped a new report from their sources giving light to why the firing of Phil Lord and Chris Miller came so late in the game. 383 more words


'Han Solo', Kathleen Kennedy and Ron Howard

A few days ago the news broke that Lord & Miller, up until then the directors for the as-of-yet unnamed Han Solo spin-off, had been fired by Lucasfilm with a few weeks of production still left. 1,532 more words

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