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The Sunday Spin: Politics with Rick Pearson Full Show 10/2/16

The first debate is in the books but will it change anybody’s mind? That’s one of the questions we’ll discuss today on the Sunday Spin. 194 more words

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Do the debates really matter?

Chris Mooney, the director of the Institute of Government and Public Affairs at the University of Illinois calls into the show to share his take on the first presidential debate, what we’re likely to see ahead and more. 68 more words

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Richmond announces change to European trip itinerary

With the NCAA allowing college basketball programs to take one trip outside of the country every four years, some coaches look at it as an opportunity to get a head start on preparations for the upcoming season. 247 more words

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Richmond hoping Europe trip helps build unity with newcomers

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Richmond basketball coach Chris Mooney considers his incoming class the best group of players he’s brought in in a dozen years, and he believes the summer will be instrumental in the Spiders’ success next season. 592 more words

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Weekly words - things for governments to care about

Alison Croggon cuts to the heart of the Australian funding cuts to the arts in her excellent article on The Monthly blog.

As an example of what an artist freed from funding constraints can aspire to, have a look at… 43 more words

Our Dying Forests in an Abrupt Climate Change Paradigm.

Anyone who is awake has seen the raging forest fires in Alberta Canada incinerating everything in its path when we are 1.5C above the arbitrary 1870 baseline as we track to and beyond the IPCC  worst case scenario of 6C. 111 more words



You may have heard, but last week Will Wade won the Positive Vibe Cafe Coaches Cook Off last week. That’s because he went with steak, and steak always wins…unless it’s up against bacon, and then bacon always wins, but I digress. 32 more words

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