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The Good Wife is Cancelled

The jury has delivered a verdict and the judge has given out a sentence: The Good Wife is CANCELLED.

CBS’s hit legal drama will finish its run with its current season, CBS has announced, and the final episode will air on May 8th, ending a 22 episode 7th season. 78 more words


The Good Wife: Season seven, episode two - Innocents

I’m watching season seven at UK pace via More4. No spoilers in the comments please!

OK, so as much as I’m delighted Eli’s still in the thick of it, I’m not sure how plausible this whole destroy-Peter’s-campaign-from-within plan is. 452 more words


The Good Wife: Season seven, episode one - Bond

I’m watching season seven at UK pace via More4. No spoilers in the comments please!

It’s back! Kalinda’s gone, Finn’s bottled it and longstanding irritant Canning is somehow not dead yet, but I’m excited to meet some new characters and get involved with the presidential race, which will surely bring with it unlimited potential for Eli to pull every one of his trademark exasperated expressions. 380 more words


Thoughts on The Good Wife

I just finished season 6 of The Good Wife. Thoughts:

1) Why is she a good wife? Because she didn’t divorce her cheating, lying husband? Perhaps Chris Noth should get a new show called The Good Husband because he’s not divorced his wife for her actions. 124 more words

'Sex and the City' Reunion: Chris Noth & John Corbett Hang At Pre-Globes Party

Where’s Carrie Bradshaw when you need her? An exciting ‘Sex and the City’ reunion went down at Bouchon in Beverly Hills on Jan. 9. Chris Noth and John Corbett were pictured hanging out together at a pre-Golden Globes party for the nominated film, ‘Spotlight.’ See the pic here! 267 more words

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Degrees of Caring on The Good Wife

Alicia Florrick has got her groove back and her DGAF attitude is aided by how well she knows the political game. The line between public and private life was shattered long ago when she stood behind Peter during THAT press conference and everything since has been a navigation of this moment. 1,224 more words

Costume Design

Chris Noth and Chris McDonald Attend Single Malts Launch Event

On Tuesday night, in an event titled, “The Malts of Legend,” five new single malts were brought to life through an immersive theatrical experience complete with surprise (and impromptu) guest appearances by actors… 512 more words

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