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The Good Wife - Season One, Episode Seventeen


In this episode, an emergency court session is set up in a hospital to decide if an insurance company  should cover surgery on a fetus that they consider to be experimental, and everything is awkward between Alicia, Will and Peter. 299 more words


After the Ball movie

Starring Chris Noth, Portia Doubleday, Lauren Holly, Natalie Krill, Anna Hopkins, and Carlo Rota.

Kate is a clumsy young fashion designer who concocts a plan with a disguise to save her fathers business from her corrupt stepmother and conniving stepsisters. 282 more words


The Good Wife - Season One, Episode Sixteen


In this episode, Peter grows suspicious of Alicia and Will, the firm, in financial trouble, represent another lawyer accused of murder and consider the ethics of representing a drug dealer, and Eli Gold goes on the hunt for the person responsible for tweeting about Alicia and Peter’s marriage. 287 more words


The Good Wife - Season One, Episode Fifteen


In this episode Peter comes home and hires a new political operative, and Diane meets her opposite in the form of the consultant ballistics expert and it actually turns out to be rather sweet. 198 more words


The Good Wife - Season One, Episode Fourteen


This episode was fun! The firm jump into action after one of the their clients returns home to find the babysitter murdered, and Peter is granted a retrial and is released under house arrest. 235 more words


The Good Wife s6 ep 9

There is, as Alicia’s new campaign commercial guy Josh points out, nothing new under the sun.

Since Josh’s specialty seems to be commercials so crass and stupid they have Alicia, Marissa and I presume most of the audience all rolling our eyes in unison, I wouldn’t afford his opinion too much weight as a general rule, but he’s right: in tv drama, at least, candidates are always saying they won’t go negative and always going back on it, so this week’s Prady/Florrick positivity pledge is neither surprising nor likely to last given both their teams are committed to ignoring it. 260 more words


The Good Wife - Season One, Episode Thirteen


In this episode Diane has to deal with a threat to her life, and Childs offers Peter a deal that could have him home in a day. 233 more words