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Chris Stedman on the New Atheists

“And the problem of loud, intolerant voices eclipsing voices of moderation and inclusion isn’t one exclusive to the atheist movement.” (150)

We live in a world, thanks to social media, the internet, and the infotainment culture, where the shrillest and most extreme representatives speak for every group or movement.  

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New Atheism

Weekly Buzz: 12/1/14

What motivates atheist “super-commenters” on religious websites? Why do many religious people really doubt evolution?

Find out in this week’s buzz. 781 more words

Weekly Buzz

Inbox/Outbox: October 19-October 25

My usual readers probably expect me to begin this post by saying something along the lines of, “Well, I’m trying not to buy any books, but I saw this one novel that I just had to have, derp a derp a der.” Guess what, though? 408 more words


Inbox/Outbox: October 5-October 11

Uncertain how to begin, the blogger glowered at the screen and then, in an attempt to cow it into submission, began rolling his pecs. The laptop was unimpressed, as were his readers. 824 more words


The Book of Stedman

Chris Stedman has been on my radar since I read his book, Faitheist. But it wasn’t until later, when I read a blog post of his, that I decided to start this blog. 974 more words


The blog entry that started it all

After reading Faitheist, I started following Chris Stedman’s blog over at Religion News Service. Shortly thereafter, I happened across an update that bothered me enough to start this blog. 396 more words