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Sovereign God

I encourage anybody to first listen to the song posted above. I listened to it prior to writing and it just filled my heart with Gods presence preparing me to write what’s in my heart today. 703 more words


A Peanut Butter Sandwich with the Jelly

I was startled by what I saw on my computer screen. It showed 47,444,396 views for the song I was listening to on YouTube. I had never seen such a high number, although other songs may very well have such a number or even exceed that total. 1,400 more words

It's December!!!

‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year.’

It is DECEMBER!!!!  Also known as my absolute favorite month… Christmas is coming so so fast, and November went by in the blink of an eye!   430 more words


Fat Ketchup

“She is a Fat Ketchup” , he said under his breath as he covered his face with a newsletter, embarrassed that he was saying such a foul, mean phrase. 692 more words