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The Seventh Rank Achieved

In Spanish, a Rook in chess is called a “Torre” and every Russian schoolboy knows a rook on the seventh rank is particularly deadly!


Happy Halloween (Gambit)

There is a unique horror the players with the black pieces feel when the Four Knights Opening takes a dark turn into the Halloween Gambit. As white, remember to make black’s Knights run… Should black do something unexpected, just grin like it is all part of your Halloween fun! 522 more words


What are the Advantages/Disadvantages of Castling in Chess?

My answer as posted on Quora here: http://qr.ae/DyzTt

Castling is the only time in chess when a player is allowed to move two of his/her own pieces simultaneously. 93 more words


No Chess Tonight: Sidelined with a Back Injury

Looking Up at Meghan: A Husband’s View from the Perspective of a Sore Back.


IM Emory Tate Delivers

When asked to name the player I most enjoy replaying their games, I have surprised most are surprised when I reply, “IM Emory Tate.” When asked why I have answered, “There is a reason he is called “Wild Man Tate.” Emory continually comes up with some of the strangest looking, most outlandish, moves ever made on a chess board. 989 more words