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Andrew Little buys into Hager and Dirty Politics

Andrew Litttle has bought into the Nicky Hager myths that dirty politics is just a John Key Government problem, and that Hager has a perfect record. 1,104 more words


Trotter spells out reality for Labour and Northland

Chris Trotter has posted Sorry Winston: Why Labour needs to stand in Northland at The Daily Blog.

He shouldn’t be sorry, politics is politics. Labour need to fight for their own recovery and not hand Peters the limelight in the runner-up stakes. 489 more words


Chris Trotter versus revolutionary reality

Chris Trotter aslks (in a verbose and round about way): While Evils Are Sufferable: What would it take to rouse New Zealanders to revolt?

Not being natural ideologues, we struggle to make the connections between the neoliberal policies imposed upon this country by successive governments since 1984 (none of which have ever had the courage to seek an explicit electoral mandate for the entirety of the neoliberal programme they intended to pursue) and the appalling social consequences to which those policies have given rise.

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Opinion Partnership - negative campaigning isn't necessarily 'dirty politics'

Chris Trotter goes too far portraying a “negative advertising campaign” as dirt and propaganda. If negative campaigning follows election  rules then it is ‘clean’, it just may not be to everyone’s liking. 929 more words


It's still the trend that matters

Labour has lost four points in the latest Herald DigiPoll, slumping to 26.5%,  its worst level of support in 15 years.

 . . . On this poll of decided voters National would be able to govern alone comfortably and gain another 10 MPs. 306 more words


Martyn the mastermind

Martyn Bradbury has masterminded a plan so cunning and so effective that polls and policies are irrelevant to this election. Everything is organised so the outcome of the election is inevitable no matter what anyone else tries to do. 1,026 more words