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Trotter wants more from Empty Andy

Chris Trotter can be a bit of a political manic depressive. He was despondent over Andrew Little’s interview on The Nation on Saturday, but was effurive in his praise of Little’s conference speech on Sunday. 920 more words


Scouring Labour for some Trubro magic

Chris Trotter dismisses the chances of Labour leader Andrew Little weaving any Trudeauesque magic in New Zealand and scours the Labour ranks for what I presume he wants, a change of leader. 764 more words


No Trudeau in NZ Greens co-leadership

The left wing hope has moved on from UK Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn to Canada’s newly elected Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

In Chris Trotters quest to find “some Trudeauesque magic” to inspire a real left wing victory (or perhaps that could be a really left wing victory) in 2017 he considers Green co-leader James Shaw but quickly moves on to Winston Peters. 423 more words


Trotter and rebooting the unions to fund Labour

Chris Trotter has another lengthy complaint about Labour in relation to the TPPA, posted at  both The Daily Blog (he must have an exemption from their exclusive post requirement) and at Bowalley – … 670 more words


With friends like these...

On Tuesday Chris Trotter was a big friend of Andrew Little and Labour.

Rejecting The TPP Could Help Labour Win In 2017

LABOUR’S STANCE on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) could end up determining the outcome of the 2017 General Election.

642 more words

Labour's TPP capitulation and credibility crash

Andrew Little and Labour painted themselves into a corner over the Trans Pacific Partnership, with two possible outcomes – embarrassment or derision. They may cop both. 696 more words


Trotter: TPP will win the 2017 election for 'the Left'

Chris Trotter seems to be going all out campaigning for the 2017 election, seeing the Trans Pacific Partnership as a way of unifying ‘the left’ – Labour, Greens and NZ First – to defeat National, businesses, journalists and academics who he says will run a campaign against them. 866 more words