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Rush Hour (1998)

Two cops team up to get back a kidnapped daughter. (IMDb)

A typical and bland buddy cop vs. terrorist plot here is redeemed by Tucker and Chan’s entertaining odd couple; with the former’s rapid-fire high-pitched vocal antics, Chan’s awesome martial arts stunt work and even a few charming one-liners, and some fun moments shared between the two of them (the “War” sing along is great), Rush Hour never bores, despite its mediocre story and minimal character development.


Trezevant too much for TCA

Not considered a state title favorite as preceding teams had been, Trinity Christian Academy football in 2015 gained believers week by week.

The Lions turned an 0-4 start into a decent record and later a good one, playing better football and finding their way to the Class 2A state semifinals. 613 more words


5 reasons TCA can beat Trezevant

The revelation that Andrew Goldsmith apparently won’t be playing for Trinity Christian Academy’s football team in its Class 2A semifinal game against Trezevant is definitely a blow to the Lions’ chances. 436 more words


TCA defense improving over the season

Trinity Christian Academy is a different football team.

The Lions are different from the offense-heavy teams of recent years who’ve scored a lot of points to either pull away or outscore opponents to win games. 623 more words


8 takeaways from Week 14

The third week of the playoffs was certainly a memorable one as three rural West Tennessee teams advanced to the state semifinals Friday night with victories. 837 more words



All playoff games kick off at 7 p.m.

Twitter poll results based on combined results of 24-hour polls tweeted out Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings this week. 1,357 more words


What was said about Week 14 football?

There’s not much that can be said about any of the five local football games in Week 14 that hasn’t already been said.

Every game has been previewed, analyzed, turned around and analyzed again in this sports section all week. 577 more words