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Why Chris Tucker Didn’t Agree To Be In Other “Friday” Movies

The comedy/drama film “Friday” came out in 1995. Since then several other “Friday” movies have been made, but without Chris Tucker. During one of his standup Tucker told fans the reason he stopped doing the film and he said it was because he didn’t get paid enough by… 150 more words

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The Fifth Element (1997, dir. Luc Besson)

A New York cabbie teams up with an alien to save the planet from invaders. A delirious delight, The Fifth Element isn’t for everyone, but its over-the-top camp and stunning design work makes it an ideal double bill with Mike Hodges’ Flash Gordon.


Heure limite

Jackie Chan et Chris Tucker… un duo à la fois comique et sérieux! Heure limite, un film que j’ai eu juste des larmes de rire !! 157 more words

Will Tucker Agree to a Fourth "Rush"? Because Chan Has!

It has been over a decade since we saw the adventures Hong Kong Detective Inspector Lee and L.A.P.D. Detective James Carter on the big screen, but they may be possibly returning! 152 more words


"Rush Hour 4" Possibly On The Way? [video]

The Comedic gods have spoken, Well at least one that is.  In a recent interview, Jackie Chan confirmed the completion of a script for the highly anticipated sequel “Rush Hour 4” … 74 more words

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Jackie Chan Reveals If There Will There Be A Rush Hour 4 Sequel?

Jackie Chan has confirmed that Rush Hour 4 is in the works!  The final scripts for the sequel is being drafted right now.  However, there is only one hang up….Chris Tucker has to agree.  15 more words