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Chris Wallace: Donald Trump Is Historic Threat To Free Press, But May Have Point About Media Bias

President Donald Trump has “engaged in the most direct, sustained assault on a free press in our history” – but has a point about media bias, Fox News Channel’s Chris Wallace said in a whiplash-making speech to fellow journalists. 529 more words

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Anyone who has spent any amount of time over the years watching Chris Wallace knows how much it must have pained him to say, this Friday on Fox News, that there is “more evidence at this point of Democratic collusion with the Russians” than with Republicans.  1,008 more words

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Time For Chris Wallace To Wake Up!

Chris Wallace is the host of Fox News Sunday, and has worked for the Fox News Channel for years. He knows a little bit about media having been the son of 60 Minutes icon, Mike Wallace. 461 more words

I am really looking forward to the upcoming author event in Corvallis Oregon on the 2nd of November. Joining me will be a good friend and old (as in former, not aged), Oregon State Theater colleague, Gray Eubank. 181 more words

Fox News' Chris Wallace Is 'Bothered' By His Colleagues 'Bashing The Media,' But He Doesn't Name Names

Despite its popular image as the conservative version of more centrist or left-leaning cable news networks like CNN and MSNBC, Fox News employs a diverse array of personalities. 355 more words

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We The People Finally Got A Mouthpiece To Represent Us Against America's Anti-Heritage Spoiled Football Players: Thank You President Donald Trump

Millions of Americans have been sickened of the kneeling of disrespect to our National Anthem and our flag ever since that lowlife Colin Kaepernick ex-quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers started taking a knee with the playing of our National Anthem. 596 more words

Chris Wallace Staying Put At Fox News Past 2020 Election

Chris Wallace has inked a new multi-year contract to remain at Fox News Channel past the 2020 election, the cable news network said today. Wallace, the longtime anchor of… 193 more words

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