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Fox News' Chris Wallace: We're Likely Headed for a Contested Convention

“Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace, a former anchor of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” has had a front-row seat to this year’s presidential campaign, co-moderating Fox News Channel’s recent series of Republican debates. 471 more words


Grizzlies GM vows to re-sign Conley

The wounded Grizzlies have no answer for the Spurs and very little chance of grabbing even a single game in their first round playoff series at the end of a star-crossed season that has worn them down and out. 244 more words

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... We are Safer than a Year Ago ?!?! [#Bob Woodward]...

.. to be blunt , I don’t think so !! …

.. I am glad to see that I am in good company . Bob Woodward was a panel guest on ” Fox News Sunday ” this past week , and he put it in his own blunt , direct , and honest style … 25 more words

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A Well Known Hacker Is Being Extradited To The United States Who Is Said To Have Hacked Hillary Clinton's Emails

Lets get a little bit up to speed on all this. If you saw it Chris Wallace interviewed Obama on Fox News Sunday this pass week in which Wallace asked Obama some questions about the Hillary email scandal and Obama once again discussed on an ongoing investigation that he should not have even given an opinion that he didn’t feel Hillary did anything wrong considering she had no intent to harm the country, maybe careless and when asked he said that the investigation would never be interfered with and stressed the fact that he would never talk with Attorney General Loretta Lynch or the FBI Director about it. 544 more words

Donald Trump Skipping MSNBC's GOP Town Hall On Thursday

MSNBC may be the “Place for Politics,” but it’s apparently no place for Donald Trump since making his controversial comments about abortion during his last town hall with the network’s Chris Matthews. 311 more words


Obama Storms Fox News And Destroys GOP Clinton Email Conspiracy Theory

Fox News Screencap

Here’s a more in-depth look at this two-day old story…(ks)


President Obama went on Fox News Sunday and completely destroyed the Republican Clinton email conspiracy during a powerful presidential interview. 585 more words
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Obama Gooses 'Fox News Sunday' Ratings

According to early Nielsen data, President Obama’s first interview as POTUS with Fox News Sunday snagged 5.5M viewers and 1.3M news-demo viewers. That would be the Sunday Beltway show’s second-biggest haul this calendar year, behind only the March 6 telecast when Chris Wallace sat down for an exclusive with Rush Limbaugh and also interviewed Mitt Romney. 159 more words