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A Moderator-less Debate? NOOOOO!

The man is slimier than any snake or eel, creepier than any circus clown, more disgusting than anything my cat has ever thrown up, and yet he is being given legitimacy by some half of this nation.  922 more words

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Donald Trump Already Trashing Debates: "Lester Is A Democrat. It’s A Phony System. They're All Democrats"

Debate organizers are “gaming the system” with Democratic moderators who will savage him to spare themselves the kind of criticism Matt Lauer got for his moderation of NBC’s Commander-in-Chief Forum, Donald Trump tells FNC’s Bill O’Reilly tonight. 445 more words

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Samantha Bee Torches Presidential Race Coverage In 'Full Frontal' Return

Returning from a 5-week hiatus, Full Frontal host Samantha Bee took a very late but maybe snarkiest crack at NBC’s Commander-in-Chief Forum and the TV press’ coverage of the election cycle in general. 131 more words

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Will TV News Get Tough With Trump?

What is it about Donald Trump’s vulgar, shameless, fact-free Presidential candidacy that appears to suck the intelligence, discernment, fairness, judgment and journalistic integrity out of our callow cadre of TV news anchormen and women? 903 more words