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PETER BEINART: The Problem With Asking Republicans, 'Would You Have Invaded Iraq?'

The Atlantic — Here’s the better question: Is war the best response to dictators with WMD?

The “would you have invaded Iraq” saga continues. Sunday on Fox News, Chris Wallace tried again and again to get Marco Rubio to say whether, in hindsight, the Bush administration was right to invade a WMD-less Iraq. 193 more words


Marco Rubio asked 'dum-dum' questions by Chris Wallace playing The Great Gazoo

Anyone who watched The Flintstones growing up remembers The Great Gazoo. He was an annoying green alien who had all sorts of magical powers. He called Fred and Barney “dum-dums” when, in fact, he was usually the dumb one. 602 more words


Super Girl & Fox News

Yesterday I was watching a trailer for Super Girl.  It looked promising but then there was a dig against Bill O’Reilly.  Bill O’Reilly is a big boy.   169 more words


When Even Fox Says Your Biblical Tax Plan is Wrong...

by Damian Gray

During an interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace, the 2016 GOP presidential hopeful was absolutely schooled after he suggested he believes a flat-tax is derived from the Bible and that it wouldn’t disproportionately hurt poor people. 230 more words

Ben Carson

Welcome to politics, Dr. Carson

Ben Carson is a famed neurosurgeon.

He gave up that profession and now he’s taking on another one: politician.

He’s going to learn that politicians have to be as careful with their words as surgeons have to be with their scalpels. 227 more words

National News

Police Electrocuted Man To Death For Sagging Pants!***messymandella***

“Ervin Leon Edwards, 38, died face down in a jail cell after a half-dozen officers held him down and tasered him, then left him for dead. 132 more words

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