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If Anyone Still Cares About the Santorum Debacle

Renowned idiot Rick Santorum made a comment the other day that the Pope should leave climate change to scientists after Francis pointed out the peril we all face. 236 more words


New web series open the book on Chris Wallace - one of Australia’s finest songwriters and storytellers

Chris Wallace is one of Australia’s finest songwriters and storytellers. Over his decade-spanning career he has worked with, befriended, advised, and dined with some of the industry’s finest. 259 more words


Fox Host Hits Santorum On Pope And Climate Change: You're Not A Scientist (VIDEO)


Fox News anchor Chris Wallace turned up the heat on former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) on Sunday, asking the presidential candidate about his recent remarks that the Pope shouldn’t comment on climate change and “leave science to the scientists.” 159 more words

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BILL SCHER: Fox News Eats Its Own

Politico — The GOP’s worst enemy is turning out to be the friendliest network.

The Republican National Committee triumphantly seized control of the debates last year, saying it would not allow a repeat of 2012, when “the liberal media interrogated our candidates on issues that were often not a priority to most Americans. 95 more words


'Hacks' at Politico seem amazed that Fox News actually practices journalism

Politico’s Bill Scher has a new piece out titled, “Fox News Eats Its Own,” with the not-so-startling revelation to anyone who has ever really watched Fox News that the network’s anchors are actually pretty tough on Republican candidates. 376 more words


Morristown, Randolph baseball set for sectional showdown

When the NJSIAA baseball playoff brackets were released two weeks ago, Morristown was in a new section — North 1 Group IV, instead of North 2 Group III — and given the 15th seed. 955 more words


PETER BEINART: The Problem With Asking Republicans, 'Would You Have Invaded Iraq?'

The Atlantic — Here’s the better question: Is war the best response to dictators with WMD?

The “would you have invaded Iraq” saga continues. Sunday on Fox News, Chris Wallace tried again and again to get Marco Rubio to say whether, in hindsight, the Bush administration was right to invade a WMD-less Iraq. 193 more words