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You Call That Music? part 1

While running errands out in the nice summer like weather we have been having lately, I couldn’t help but hear various other people’s “music” coming out of all the rolled down windows.  301 more words


"Wednesdays" by Chris Webby

First off, sorry it’s been so long; turned out I had a few hard deadlines to meet. I’ll try to keep to a tighter schedule from now on. 2,115 more words


Rapper Chris Webby on The Jake Brown Show on Radio.com (1/11/18)

Rapper Chris Webby joined me on The Jake Brown Show on Radio.com. I spoke with CT and Hofstra’s own about how he started in rap, his Hofstra days, being an independent rapper and the pros and cons, not worried about making hits, today’s rap, and much more.

LISTEN (1/11/18):

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Chris Webby’s ‘Wednesday’ Sums Up All The World’s Sh*t Storm

Connecticut-based emcee and ninja turtle, Chris Webby, sums up the entire shit storm that has been spreading like the bubonic plague in the past few years with his album… 160 more words