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DEAD TO SIN: Romans Part 26

Ever struggle with sin, with temptation? Are you bombarded with thoughts, desires and cravings? Do you ask yourself, is there a life of victory? This section of Romans is for you. 1,538 more words

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SoulSkater Goes Live

I am writing this blog for me and I’m posting it online because I suspect that many of you are interested in exploring what it is to be a spiritual being.   817 more words

Jesse Moss’s documentary The Overnighters is a heart-wrencher about the clash between economics and ethics.

Its story sounds like the sort of dry news blurb you’d skim over in the Sunday paper but unfolds into an epic tragedy. 112 more words


Be Courageous...

    Yesterday i was sick…nothing serious, just harsh cough and just totally wiped out! So today I’m hoping to get two in. if not today then i definitely will tomorrow! 380 more words

My Favorite Verse...

     Today I’m taking a break from blogging devotional verses. Think i might take a break tomorrow too. I am going to share with you my favorite verse that i go to when i’m having an anxiety attack or just feeling very afraid.   678 more words

Fear Affects Obedience...

       This weekend was hard and I’m glad i decided to take the weekend off of blogging. Discovered some things that really hurt and felt vulnerable in other areas and i let it ruin my sunday. 754 more words

Where We Stand..

      Today i procrastinated a bit… my husband was home sick and spending some quiet time with our toddler just watching cartoons, so i took the opportunity to work on re-painting our living room. 736 more words