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Movie: Mom's Night Out....

   The other night i sat down and watched Mom’s Night Out. LOVE this movie! I can sit down and laugh and cry with this movie WITH my kids! 742 more words

Ulysses and the Paradox of Freedom

Last year the band Switchfoot released an EP of songs they recorded for a documentary tour/surf film. One of the songs is called “Liberty.” As the title suggests, it is about freedom, but it begins with a metaphor that challenges our conventional understanding of what freedom actually is: 1,439 more words


Serving One Another Through Guest Posting

If you have a blog, do you remember the first few months?   I sure do.  I remember feeling scared and excited all at once.  I pondered for days what to write about me.   1,707 more words

Moments Of Inspiration

{I know how the story ends}

“Nothing really scares me,” I said casually.

My friend William looked doubtful as I focused on bagging my groceries.

“Nothing?” He asked, as if daring me. 751 more words


To The Church in America: Let's not be Fear Mongers but Instead Peacemakers

I don’t often deal with political things, but I’ve seen such varied responses to Friday’s ruling that I decided to chime in a little, though I hate addressing such complicated issues on the internet. 773 more words



I’ve been thinking about doubt a lot lately. Our culture craves certainty and absolutes, but sometimes we really just need space for “I don’t know, but I’m working on it.” 787 more words


Sodom and Gomorrah

This past Sunday I taught a lesson on Sodom and Gomorrah. I like to make the students uncomfortable sometimes with these stories. “Uncomfortable?” you may ask. 765 more words