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Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord (Psalm 22)

“Lord, I can’t do it anymore. I have no idea what’s going on and I don’t think I can get through. Please, help me.” 

In times of hardship, my prayers often end here: in a sense of defeat and a waiting upon the Lord to rescue.  808 more words

To Believe or Not Believe

Why can’t we just agree to disagree?

This post follows on the heels of my last. I had forwarded the article on Jimmy Carter leaving his church to my FB feed without comment or opinion. 693 more words

Day In The Life

The road to Emmaus.

Sunday came and Cleopas and his friend packed their gear and started to head toward home in the town of Emmaus. As they walked down the road they expressed their disappointment over the Passover events that had just transpired. 486 more words


Cooking-Up Complacency

I love cooking. I love food. Give me a day, or an hour, with a great cook, and I will be a very happy person. So, of course, when the Y offered a cooking class to learn how to make fresh pasta from a chef from our best restaurant in town, I was first in line. 485 more words

Life Lessons

Calvary and the weight of the World

There’s a powerful scene at the end of the film Calvary, where the town butcher Jack Brennan (Chris O’Dowd) confronts his priest Father James (Bredan Gleeson) on a beach in Ireland. 1,248 more words


A Note to the Unsatisfied Christian

By Abbie Bauer

To those Christians who grew up in church and are still there today, to those who are still in the church but have been left desiring more from christianity, to those who have turned from Christianity in search of something more, allow me to address you and urge you not to buy into the lie that a religion can satisfy you, bring purpose and meaning. 1,167 more words

Whose Skin Am I In?

A year ago if someone had asked me to describe myself I would have happily stated something like this:

I am a photgrapher, I have three children and have been married for 6 years. 1,147 more words