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There has today been a data leak from an HIV clinic in Dean Street London. An 800 mass mailing was done rather than emails to individuals and, bearing in mind the sensitive nature of the mailing list, it is pretty serious stuff. 96 more words

Christopher Macgowan

Windows 10 is a lot easier to use.

Two of my computers on my network have now been upgraded to Windows 10 and my goodness I’m finding it a lot easier than 8.1. I don’t think I ever quite came to terms with NOT having a start button or tile and was never certain how to move around in 8.1 and there was consequently a lot of trial and error – and that resulted in time wasting. 166 more words

Christopher Macgowan

The new Ford GT.

The new Ford GT looks tasty – production starts next year and will commemorate the successes at Le Mans back in 1966.

Christopher Macgowan

Christopher Macgowan

Actually, dealer retail premises ARE best when buying a car.

I see in today’s FT Andy Sharman writes that the industry has been slow to accept new e-based retailing formats and with the arrival of the new Carwow operation all that is set to change. 309 more words

Christopher Macgowan

Am enjoying my new Ecocamel SoftWater shower.....

You don’t really want to know this but I cannot function properly unless each day I kick off with a refreshing hot shower. And that applies not only at home but even more so when I am travelling in the motorhome. 148 more words

Christopher Macgowan

CLEPA aftermarket conference in Brussels.

7th CLEPA Aftermarket Conference – Brussels

Wednesday, November 25, 19.00 – 23.00

Thursday, November 26, 09.00-16.00

On 26th of November 2015 the CLEPA Aftermarket Department organizes for the 7th time the “CLEPA Aftermarket Conference” in Brussels. 165 more words

Christopher Macgowan

In this heat I am sometimes just happy to be home.

I’m trying hard not to complain about the heat but sometimes, just sometimes, it’s good to leave the motorhome on the drive and enjoy being at home. 46 more words

Christopher Macgowan