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Christmas in July

July is the perfect time to work on your Christmas cards!

If you’re like me, Christmas cards are easy to put on the back burner. Buying presents, wrapping them and shipping them take priority over getting your cards in the mail. 344 more words


Christmas Eve

I hope everyone has a wicked Christmas Eve. As for me yes I am braving the streets but only to pick up a few things. It’s a day of baking and having friends over. 6 more words

Christmas Eve

Joy To The World, My Ass

I’m sorry…is that sacrilegious?


I got no sleep since the cocktail party next door turned itself into an all night orgy, and no I did not go. 417 more words

Stelios Maximos + 4 Friends Live!!!

Φίλοι μου καλησπέρα σας!!! Νομίζω πως έχω πολύ καιρό να επικοινωνήσω μαζί σας μέσα από το http://www.steliosmaximos.gr, αλλά πέρασα μια περίοδο γενικότερης αναπροσαρμογής και κατά δεύτερον δεν θέλω να μπαίνω εδώ και να γράφω ανούσια πράγματα και να κουράζω τα μάτια σας γράφοντας μπαρούφες! 60 more words

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