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Thoughts are Actions

If thoughts are actions, my words are my thoughts. Writing them down is the action I am taking. I express the need to be heard. I need to be heard and to be seen. 260 more words


4-2-17 Have Faith

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s infinite glory! All is well, dear ones. Have faith! Believe in yourself. Believe in something you cannot see! Serve God and the rewards will be greater than your wildest dreams. 14 more words

December 2013

You Are Arising From The Ashes: Poem For Easter

By Jelelle Awen with Christ Consciousness/Yeshua/Christiel/Jesus

You are arising from the ashes of your purposefully burnt up life, choosing the match, the heat, the way in which your now feeling false world will burn… 228 more words

By Jelelle Awen

ReInterpreting "Christ Is Risen!!"

“Christ is Risen!!”

Yes. I agree, full-heartedly.

It’s Easter Sunday today, and I am giving thought to all the new (and not-so-new) insights that are flowing through, in comparison to all of the symbolism and teachings I had once embraced upon this day. 1,651 more words


The Avatar of Christ Timeline

Paul A. Panzica Beyond the Soul’s Meridian April 15, 2017

On this Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, a thought occurred to me which has put many things into perspective.  2,810 more words

3-30-17 Gratitude

Dear Ones, It is very easy to focus on our problems. On what irritates us or what is “not right.” However, if you begin to truly focus on the good, however small, it will truly change your life. 49 more words

December 2013