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9-29-15 True Nature

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s infinite glory. All is well. We are returning to our true selves. Our selves when we remembered our oneness with God and our connection to God. 40 more words

December 2013

10.02.15 Sending My Christ Self Forward Technique

Actually, it was many years ago that Alexandriah Stahr first taught me how to send my Christ Self forward to create a better experience of my day; but it wasn’t until a few days ago that I actually began to put it into practice. 210 more words


9-20-15 Joy in Stillness

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. Peace is yours. Love is yours. Joy is yours. It’s all within you. Silence will help you to find it. 21 more words

December 2013

Retaining Hope of Healing

“Learn this lesson well, for herein lies the cure to all disease and the hope of all healing. While the body seems to tell you what you feel and bid you act in accordance with its feelings, how can this be so? 514 more words



We tend to become fuzzy when it comes to our path – we check and recheck where and what we need to do. Who we need to see and what we even need to eat. 331 more words

Divine Self


We are studying the teachings of Joel Goldsmith
each Tuesday at 8:30 PM. by calling 218-936-4986,
which is the Spiritmuv Conference Line
and using the 48201 Passcode.

184 more words

Mindfulness and Distraction

Focus directs time/meaning. (Time is the scientific term for meaning. They are here used synonymously). Focusing on thought stops or slows perception of time passing in the 3D matrix. 614 more words

The Game Of Resonance