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What does the word 'Spirituality' mean to you?

This question gets raised a lot in large spiritual groups. Human Beings are searching for something that is not tangible. Something….but what exactly?

Many respond to these unofficial polls with responses that are surprisingly the same! 347 more words


A Lesson in Discernment

Discerning the spirit of the anti-christ…

This is a tough one for many, full of images and ideas and a profound lack of clarity in most cases. 1,569 more words

Spiritual Energy Healing 21 Mar 2018

Another wonderful energy healing circle. Thank you for your support and participation in our weekly energy healing.

Join us next week!



I Am A Mystic- Unapologetically So.

At one point, I may have been burned at the stake, or even shamed and ridiculed, but we have a different world now and can show our unique souls to the world without fear of being outcasted or put to death by kings & governments. 335 more words

“What Do You Do?”

I talk with a dear long-time friend every so often.  I love him and it always feels good to connect with him.  

We share a lot of laughs, and can talk fluidly about politics, some personal subjects, and art.  

822 more words

'Christus Vincit' at El Capitan State Beach ... sung by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 2 January 2018

Dear Ones,

“Christus Vincit,” sung at El Capitan State Beach (1) on the California Coast …

Christus vincit!
Christus regnat! 68 more words

Prayers - Mantras - Affirmations - White Magic

Why Suffering ? Why Sacrifice? Why Compassion ? Why Love ? My Story of 'Contact' ~ Kerrie Anne

Archangel Michael Prayer

On Christmas Eve 2006, I was clipping the last dog of the day alone in my salon, I suddenly had a feeling that I was not alone, a cool breeze came over me, I felt a loving presence, was it truly Jesus? 990 more words

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