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The Gifts We Give

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian December 18, 2018

As our consciousness evolves and our capacities for clairvoyance develop, our relationships naturally expand into higher levels of intimacy. 1,654 more words

The Mystical Meaning of Christmas

At this time of year the Christian world celebrates the birth of Jesus during a holy day we call Christmas. This birth happened some two thousand years ago, which brought into the world a man who many billions of people today have come to adore and worship as both human and divine. 1,382 more words


A Tale of the Ghost of Christmas Past

“Come with me, my child.”

I glare at the shining spirit. “I’m old—not really a child any more.”

It shakes its gleaming head. “Just a figure of speech, my… er… friend. 1,038 more words


EHC 13 Dec 2017

Our Energy Healing Circle was healing indeed! Such a pleasure and a joy. Healing on the level of Being with letting go of a friend, dealing with a chronic illness, and finding a space of stillness inside. 30 more words


Is Bored So Bad?

So here I sit, with my afternoon coffee, at Starbucks.  Reading, writing, staring out the window, and singing along with the piped in Christmas music.  It’s nice.   639 more words

Answering the question "Who am I?"

Loving impromptu live streams. Today we are talking about answering the question “Who am I?”
Depending on which perspective we are answering from, our answers can change. 35 more words




I woke from a vivid dream. I was walking into my apartment, it was dark. I was rather shocked to discover a complete stranger enter my apartment with me. 237 more words