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Saturday Meditation August 19

Hello dear LoveLights! ❤

Welcome again, and thank you all for taking part in, and continuing with, this meditation sequence with the coloured flames known as the Seven Sacred Flames, to the completion of the cycle today, with the Purple Flame. 893 more words

What is the Relationship between God and Divine Law?

Some Christians and other religious people believe that God is the author of divine law. I don’t think this is the case. 1,372 more words


Thursday Meditation August 17

Dear LoveLights, welcome again! ❤

Continuing on with our meditation sequence with the coloured flames known as the Seven Sacred Flames, today we light the Golden Flame. 685 more words

Christus Rex and Christus Vincit ... by Alice ..

Dear Ones,

I was watching a series about an English minister the other day, and I noticed an unusual crucifix, with an image of Christ offering a blessing rather than looking as if he were suffering. 418 more words

Prayers - Mantras - Affirmations - White Magic

Meeting Mary Magdalene

In 1978, I had my first personal, mystical encounter with the Christ and the Magdalene.  They came to me through the Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack, where for the first time I realized Jesus’ humanity and that Mary Magdalene played a much larger role in the life and ministry of Jesus than I had previously been led to believe. 535 more words



Spiritual Evolution

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Sunday Meditation July 30

Greetings all dear LoveLights  <3

Today we’re continuing with anchoring through our hearts and beings, and around the world to all life, the Ascension Light flowing to Gaia from Source. 409 more words