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Much is made of the idea of what it means to be “enlightened” these days. The word comes from the Middle English, as in the sense of to “make luminous”. 854 more words

Christian Perspectives

Jesus Christ is God's Standard of Righteousness...

Jesus Christ is God’s Standard of Righteousness….

It is so easy for me to compare myself to the people around me… It is my natural inclination to look at you and see myself as lacking… I just don’t measure up to the standard that my mind has placed on me…. 1,779 more words


Every Good Thing That Is In Me

To hear some Christians talk, you’d think the blood really doesn’t have all that much power and that the Spirit isn’t really all that able to sanctify. 749 more words

The Gospel

Glory and Love

As Jesus ascended back to heaven after his resurrection, we are left as his presence in the world.  He lives through our lives, and our lives are to be full of love.  421 more words

Marc Kinna

My Righteousness Comes from Almighty God, Not Me….

My Righteousness Comes from Almighty God, Not Me….

God made me right with Himself when I had trusting belief (faith) in the death of Jesus Christ on the cross, His burial, and His resurrection….. 1,217 more words

Loving Jesus

The Love of Christ is Enough...

The Love of Christ is Enough…

The only thing that keeps God from appropriating His love in us is unbelief….. The war is on… If we try to believe with our intellect alone we will miss “it”….  1,097 more words

Loving Jesus

What about being "IN CHRIST"?

We know that when we were “born-again”; God came to live inside of us an now he “Will never leave you or forsake you.” But, Jesus was very intentional with his instructions to the faithful 11 disciples to… 781 more words