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Living in God's Righteousness .....

Living in God’s Righteousness…..

The cross of Christ has made me righteous and holy just like Jesus…. Even more than that, Holy God the Holy Spirit has moved into my innermost being…. 1,672 more words

Loving Jesus

Thinking About God

Thinking About God…..

When I was young my family went to church a few times that I can remember… I just now remembered going to a Vacation Bible School once… I think I cried the whole time…. 2,350 more words

Loving Jesus

God's Truth is Visible in the Lives of God's People.....

God’s Truth is Visible in the Lives of His People…

Believing the bible is not always the same as living the truth of God… I didn’t believe very much of the bible until I met the God of the bible…. 1,860 more words

Loving Jesus

Being Loved by Jesus makes me love like Jesus....

Being Loved By Jesus Makes Me Love Like Jesus….

Yeah, it is really strange that my God would love me…. It makes no sense to the world around us for me love them when they don’t love me….. 964 more words

Loving Jesus

I Want God to Be My God, Not My Pain... I want to look like Jesus...

I Want God To Be My God, Not My Pain. I Want To Look Like Jesus.

I always thought that having an idol would be something that I liked…. 1,244 more words

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Face Radiant, Heart Burning

Does your life radiate God?  Do people see that you follow him? And are they drawn to you in your reflection of Jesus?  Or do they see that you are one of those wackos who believes crazy fairy tales?  395 more words

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You Have Been Empowered By God To Be The Real You.....

You Have Been Empowered By God To Be The Real You…..

I spent a lot of years trying to live up to the unrealistic expectations imposed on me by myself and the people around me…. 1,629 more words

Loving Jesus