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Being Loved By God Gives Me the Freedom to Love You

Being Loved By God Gives Me the Freedom To Love You…..

When I realized that my God loved me, it somehow caused my need for you to love me to fade away…. 1,786 more words

Loving Jesus

Held Captivee by the Love of My God

Held Captive by the Love of My God…

Pogo the possum said “We have met the enemy and he is us”…. God created us humans in His image…. 1,767 more words

Loving Jesus

It is Christ Jesus Who Lives in Me

One of the traditions of the Camino is that you carry a stone from your home all along the pilgrimage and you leave it at the foot of the iron cross.   105 more words

Being God's Kind Of Person

The Mind Of Christ In Me…..

The Mind Of Christ In Me…..

Having the “Mind of Christ” comes from knowing Jesus Christ so intimately that you stop making assumptions about God…. The thing that I tried to hide from you for so many years was that I assumed that everyone that I knew was smarter than me…. 1,459 more words

Loving Jesus

God Loves Me Even If I don't Completely Believe It.......

God Loves Me Even If I Don’t Completely Believe It…

My mind can only absorb so much…. My sin nature keeps me from knowing all that God wants me to know…. 1,298 more words

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“This practice of pausing frequently
without any words or thoughts
in an attitude of listening
is opening yourself
to the flow of the Spirit
within until…

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Freedom From My Need For Your Approval.....

Freedom From My Need Your Approval….

It’s nice when someone encourages me for something God has said through me… Maybe it is something that they needed to hear from Christ for that time in their life… And they just say thank you for saying what God says…. 1,039 more words

Loving Jesus