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The Glitch Theory

Quality pintage, and choice company.
The Big Nose Club spring meeting took place in Slattery’s of Rathmines.

All was perfect.

Until I came up with the Glitch Theory. 17 more words


And lead us not into temptation

It’s been 40 long days.

And 40 long nights.

Seeing how happily Pepe cracked his egg open, I don’t think he would have managed 41 days…


Classic beauty

It’s old.
But it never ages.
It’s beautiful.
But it has a leaky roof.

Who gives a shit, it never rains in Ireland.

It’s a classic beauty.


Christ on a Bike!

Leaving work today I found this in my bike basket:

It’s not my birthday, it’s not in the handwriting of anyone I know and, as far as I could tell, my bike didn’t have any new scratches/parts missing to warrant an apology note. 212 more words


Niche market

Look at the Search Terms section, bottom right.

When clicking on the stats tab for my blog this morning, I discovered that a stray granny arse crack smelling addict had landed on my page. 66 more words



Mrs mememe2U┬áhasn’t much of an opinion (either way) about her cousin’s flat-screen TV.

Imagine when the conversation evolves around life-or-death topics…