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Easter 4 (Year A) 2014

Pa Mikaere’s thoughts on the theme of “Christ the King, the Good Shepherd” and on being an Easter person.  If you wish to read this sermon click on this link:  Easter 4 Year A 2014


Jesus Christ - His Divine Union of Contrasts - King of Kings - Yet He was the meekest and lowliest of all the sons of men

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Look no further than the Gospels of Jesus Christ in the Bible for proof of His existence. Mankind could not have conceived the embodiment of such extremes in the leader of a man made religion. 292 more words


Jesus Christ - Crown Him King of My Life - Why Can't Sermons Be More Like Songs?

Why can’t more sermons be this Christ Centered ?
How often do our songs contain Christ Centered richness, but our sermons barely mention, let alone celebrate, the One who loved us with His own life? 181 more words