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"Do you love me?"

Beside my bed, there is a rendition of the Christ Pantocrator icon — Christ looking ahead at the viewer with an expression of complete knowledge. Each morning, due to its proximity, the Christ Pantocrator is the first clear, complete image that greets me; a fact that is furthered by my terrible eyesight — and the reality that most other objects remain blurry until I put my contacts in for the day. 518 more words

Four Stories - One Face, Part 2

”Does any one who has divine knowledge and spiritual understanding not recognize that is a ruse of the devil? For he does not want his defeat and shame to be spread abroad, nor the glory of God and his saints to be recorded.”

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Cheerful Cefalu

Cefalu is a pretty coastal town in northern Sicily, just 70 kilometres from Palermo. It has a sandy beach, making a very popular holiday destination. There was a howling wind the day we arrived in spring, keeping most people off the beach. 274 more words