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Love Languages and God

The other day my dad called my mom while he was on his way home and asked what the family wanted for dinner. We couldn’t decide on a place, as usual, so he made the decision to go to Chick-Fil-A. 719 more words


Life’s Not a Race Its a Marathon

Life’s Not a Race Its a Marathon

Waiting in line at the grocery store seems to take forever doesn’t it? What about when you’re waiting for your burger at a fast food restaurant? 490 more words

Is there more to salvation than "getting saved"?

One of the primary aims of evangelical Christianity has been for people to “get saved”. It’s been the purpose of evangelistic meetings, crusades, and Sunday morning sermons. 595 more words


The Trinity Debate

On Friday night, Dr. James White debated Joe Ventilacion of Iglesia ni Cristo, a cult based in the Philippines, on the doctrine of the Trinity. While David Platt also did big things on Friday with Secret Church, I think this is a bigger event in the Christian Church because of the lack of emphasis on this doctrine. 68 more words


Destroying Doubt

Our lives are filled with experiences that if left up to us, we would have never faced. Life has a way of breaking us but also exalting us. 565 more words


The Metaphor of God Incarnate // John Hick.

Years prior, John Hick stirred the Anglican Church by editing a volume called The Myth of God Incarnate, where a host of Anglican priests and theologians staked their opinions about the (un)historicity of certain gospel stories–incarnation included. 218 more words

Book Review

Why you’re reading the Bible wrong!

Most people read the Bible stories at face value and miss the amazing secret of what’s actually being said.

Take a step back from religion and do the unthinkable and consider everything you read to be a parable or allegory. 1,467 more words