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The Weather, Reality, and Life

How’s your weather today? It’s bright and sunny here. Birds chirp. Bees buzz. Sounds like a warm day, right? It is now, but early this morning it called for long pants, long sleeves, and a light jacket! 379 more words


Today's Breadcrumb

There is nothing more lonely, more empty, and more meaningless than a Christ-less moment,  a Christ-less life, and a Christ-less eternity.




Saved by Grace through Faith in Christ

What I know for sure:

What is always true:

  1. God loves.
  2. God calls me.
  3. By Abba’s grace I say “Yes!”
  4. Praise be Jesus Christ!
  5. Thank You, Holy Spirit!
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Hymn of the Day: Rock of Ages

In case you missed yesterday’s Hymn of the Day here is the link: Hymn of the Day: How Firm a Foundation

“There is a legend that Augustus Toplady was inspired to write this hymn after finding shelter from a thunderstorm in a cleft in a rock at Burrington Combe in Somerset, England in 1776. 109 more words


On Remembering Roots...

Last night, as a member of our Diocesan College Ministry Commission, I visited Canterbury at William & Mary.  We had some time with both the students involved in the Episcopal Campus ministry and with the Campus Minister.  471 more words


Francescussio Ghissi (Francesco di Cecco Ghissi) (1359-1395).