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Truth's Perspective in Trying Times

It was a heated moment as tears trickled down my warm face. My heart had so many questions. Do I matter? Why am I going through these things? 1,604 more words


What Would Jesus Wear? Apparently White After Labor Day

Satan is at it again according to Kami Meuller.

He’s voting.

And tempting people in long early voting lines to vote for candidates who may overturn years of regression in the form of Voter ID laws, gerrymandered districts, and LGBT discrimination. 292 more words

Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Joy! Not Anyone!!!

You may not realize it but you are hard-wired with joy. God created you and God is total joy. So, you are joy at your very core. 150 more words


I was here three years ago...

Yep, you heard correctly. I was here, on WordPress, a little over three years ago. It was my freshman year when I wrote my first blog and I think it was only a day or two later that I decided to deactivate that account. 252 more words


Part One: 4 Questions Answered Regarding our Identity

Whether you are a working mom, house wife or stay-at-home mom we all have an identity crisis at one point in our lifetime, perhaps more than once. 551 more words

The Fair One Speaks

I debated on whether or not I should tell her, but I did. I told her I disagreed with how something was handled. I held my peace the best I could. 598 more words

Heading to the Well

This might be a little extreme, but I feel very much like I’m in some kind of relational purgatory, where I’m in a waiting period before I can move into the next phase of life. 973 more words