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The God Of Grace


Its something that I used to hate but have now come to terms with.

It refreshes, renews. The tired earth cries out for it and the Lord provides. 391 more words

Christ on a bike!

It’s October, and that means daily drawing for Inktober. So here’s Christ on a (badly drawn) bike because… well, no reason.


One Nation Under God?

It began on an early morning this summer, as I put my hand over my heart and looked up.  I began to recite the familiar words as everyone stared at the stars and stripes; 1,476 more words

God Talks

An Introduction To The Law For Christians

If you spend any time online, you’ve probably encountered someone who claims to espouse a doctrine that is radically different from what you have been taught the Bible teaches. 2,389 more words

Relationship With God

Slow Down & Be Still

So it’s the 5th week of classes, just about to reach the halfway mark for the semester. You’re probably super busy, working hard in your classes, trying to balance school AND a social life. 580 more words


My Calling

Happy Saturday!  A Saturday blog this week, because I’m heading into the city tonight and then off to Elcho Church Sunday morning for a baptism.  I will be reading the Gospel at the service and, for the first time in public, wearing my clergy collar. 591 more words



The will itself to imitate Christ is a gift
It supersedes a daily offering
Yet requires an offering of freedom every day
For freedom can never be taken away… 27 more words