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What's Going on at Yale?

In light of the horrendous attacks in Paris on Friday November 13, 2015, let us send prayers and healing meditations to all those affected in our oldest ally, France, as well as to all victims of terrorism and all violence all over the world. 4,030 more words


Senseless Sensibilities: On Yale and Safe Spaces

Much has been written about the protests at Yale over the past week. I had no intention of wading into the fray of online arguments, but a persistent voice in my head kept reminding me to be “more than a placeholder for decency.” So, here I am tackling the issue from my personal perspective. 1,244 more words

Politics And Society

Yale Students Have Lost Their Collective Marbles

If you haven’t yet heard about the madness taking place at Yale, by all means read this article by Conor Friedersdorf published on The Atlantic:  536 more words


Kind Acts, Hunger Games and Magical Starts...Marriage anyone?

I have been a very lucky vegemite. I just got back from a Family Holiday that included laughter, smooches and all the nutbag stuff that stems from being a part of our little tribe. 1,858 more words

Thoughts on chapter 5 of Hargreaves' and Fullan's Professional Capital

Teaching is complicated. Learners’ needs are multifarious and educational systems and qualifications frameworks are complex and ever-changing. Schools face challenging circumstances and teachers need to be talented and robust to thrive in this context. 601 more words


Why the new paper by Christakis and Fowler on friendship makes me queasy

I am a neuroscientist, and as a neuroscientist I have a strange belief that most of who we are comes from our brains. My entire career is based around understanding the neural basis of behavior which, I think, is pretty justifiable. 962 more words


Christakis Greek Resturant, Liverpool

Groupon is a great place if you like eating out cheaply and don’t mind that most offers limit the offer to off-peak evenings. Mrs Saladmonkey doesn’t really drink so a mid-week evening out tends to work just as well, if not better for us, than a weekend night out. 398 more words