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From Under The Rubble: Earthquakes on NZ's South Island

I spent the vast majority of 2016 on the South Island of New Zealand; an area deeply rooted in nature. The whole place seems to have spilled out from a page of National Geographic. 871 more words


Christchurch: 6 Years Later

This is a very rare non-film, PR or social media marketing post from me, but I made the decision on the 6th anniversary of the Christchurch Earthquake to sit down and write about it. 854 more words

1YoT: Christchurch

So far, our New Zealand southern island adventures have been spectacular, and we were excited to continue that trend at the island’s biggest city, Christchurch. Unfortunately, Christchurch turned out to be very different than expected. 900 more words

1) One Year Of Travel

Suddenly It's Scarier

Like a lot of Kiwis last night, I woke up at 12.02am. The house was groaning, creaking and rattling, but quietly. I could hear the water in Sheldon’s tank sloshing around and his ornaments hitting the glass almost rhythmically. 567 more words

Mental Health

Very very tired but OK

So you may have heard about the 7.5 earthquake that hit the South Island just after midnight (some 20 hours ago).

I am OK, the cats and the house are OK but I had to evacuate due to tsunami warning, and due to massive amounts of disorganisation on behalf of the Powers That Be it meant I had no where to go, so I turned up on the doorstep of a colleague at 2am unexpectedly. 196 more words


Opportunist builders, dodgy steel and shonky standards create new building crisis 'worse than leaky homes' in NZ

Our local District Council Building in the Horowhenua currently has large cracks in the basement which the previous powers that be said were perfectly safe. The new Mayor has requested a third report to cover the possibility it is not safe. 271 more words


3 New Zealand Cathedrals

No one associates cathedrals with the new world. If you go to Europe you reserve time to see Notre Dame in Paris or St Paul’s in London. 460 more words