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"The Legends of Maui."

The top station of the Christchurch gondola in New Zealand also has information boards about New Zealand’s Maori history: “The Legends of Maui; “New Zealand is rich in Maori traditions and tales of the land. 1,087 more words


Lyla by Fleur Beale

Lyla by Fleur Beale. Pub. Allen&Unwin, 2018.

I read this novel about the Christchurch earthquake in one sitting and at the end I was grinding my teeth like I did during the real event waiting for the next aftershock, because this is the way it was. 145 more words

Intermediate Fiction

RNZ Morning Report: Brownlee On EQC Damage Assessors post Christchurch


From a few days ago some comments by Brownlee on the EQC assessors. As the interview progressed Adam recalled reading at the time of EQC using overseas assessors so problems now being experienced should not be the huge surprise they seem to be, as seeking to use overseas resources indicates the lack of quality resources in NZ. 12 more words

$180k of taxpayer money used to spy on Kiwis after Christchurch earthquakes

So it’s now a crime to go to bat for your insurance claim? To insure your home & actually expect to be paid out? Interesting given the revelations we have now of… 265 more words


Christchurch Earthquake. The only survivor of 13, from a 'dark place' to Parliament - Ann Brower.

At 12:51 on 22 February 2011, 12 people died beside me. The parapet and facade of an unreinforced masonry building on the main street of Christchurch, New Zealand, crushed the bus that I was riding. 5,611 more words


Just dabbling in my rebuilding city

My thoughts go out to those hit by Harvey, Irma and now the earthquakes near Mexico. When I see those pictures our little city got off “lightly” in comparison. 276 more words


Just dabbling at the winter market

I’m heading to Europe in November and doing a Christmas Market river cruise. I’m really looking forward to it, apart from the fact that I’ll leave summer for winter for 3 weeks!   315 more words