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mix tape


I am 19 and lying on my single bed wrapped tight around the body of my first boyfriend with all the grace of a particularly eager anaconda. 2,648 more words


Welcome to “FUK V29″, the 8th installment of the CHRISTEENE Video Collection. Sit back. Open your mouths. Spread your legs. Don’t hide nuthin’.

Directed by PJ Raval… 23 more words


High & Low | Edinburgh Fringe 2014 Reviews – Part 2

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AUGUST 2 – 22:10 – CHRISTEENE: The Christeene Machine

Southern-Fried Patti Smith in drag, with a dash of acid on a bed of sleaze. 912 more words


into the woods


We’re standing, maybe thirty of us, crammed into a sweaty crevasse of a blackened club room as a genderfucked gutter-baby pop star named Christeene gyrates in front of us, wailing and spitting songs about sexuality and aggression, grinding herself into the bodies of her naked dancers. 1,704 more words