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Permaculture Podcast with Scott Mann interview

Scott Mann is a former student of mine from 2010 when I co-taught a Permaculture Design Course with my good friend Ben Weiss.  Scott has been podcasting about permaculture for around 5 years now and has developed a global audience. 74 more words



Forgive me for being away for so long. I don’t know how academics who blog daily (or more frequently!) find enough hours in the day. At any rate, I’ve been up to my eyeballs with work recently. 1,260 more words

Recommended Reading

Book Review: One Nation Under God

One Nation Under God: How Corporate America Invented Christian America by Kevin M. Kruse, Basic Books, 2015, 352 pp.

I read this book as part of a clergy book group that meets monthly. 1,056 more words

Book Review

An American Exceptionalism Bibliography

Below is a list of selected sources on American exceptionalism that I have found useful over the past several months. The topic is quite broad—my book is a treatment of exceptionalism in terms of historical theology, intellectual history, and American religious history. 4,421 more words


Postcards from Christian America

Is America a “Christian” nation? What do we even mean by that question? Historically, as I argued in my recent book, even secular conservatives have tended to assume that the United States needs Christianity. 430 more words

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Social Justice?

The Southern Baptist Convention, whose members range around 16 million, remains one of the largest unified denominational conventions in the world.  As many know, the Southern Baptist Convention took a turn in its theological stance, refuting all liberals and building around conservative leaders such as Paige Patterson, Albert Mohler, and Pressler. 686 more words

How God Created Christian America in 7 Easy Steps

In the beginning God created Christian America, and He did it in seven steps because seven is the biblical number for perfection. The year was AD 1492 and the American continent was undiscovered and empty, except for a few scattered bands of naked savages. 1,900 more words