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Slippery Slogan

Donald Trump’s Strangest Bedfellows: Part 5

Slippery Slogan

This is Part 5 of a blog series titled “Donald Trump’s Strangest Bedfellows.”
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Trump Presidency

We are no longer establishing ourselves as the brightest beacon for freedom or opportunity.

I will never forget my children’s words that day.

I remember where I was when I got a phone call from a friend, who knows I don’t watch much television, and especially not news.  2,169 more words


Not a Prayer

Like used car salesmen, political consultants are despised as kind of the scum of the earth – but they’re necessary. Someone has to move the product – the deathtrap of a car or the politician who’s a bit of a fool. 3,031 more words

Senator Milquetoast

It’s good that U.S. Senator Gary Peters has spoken out against the President’s anti-immigration Executive Order. But sadly, the voice is muffled.

“As a member of the Senate Homeland Security and Armed Services Committees, my top priority is ensuring we’re doing everything we can to keep Americans safe.

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Making America 'great' again...

Full disclosure:  I originally wrote this in early November, before the election, and it’s been hovering near the trash can in my draft folder since then.   1,164 more words

America: A Blessed Nation? - 13

Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD. Psalm 33:12a.

You see, this is why America needs to return to God, to go back to our Judeo-Christian roots. 537 more words

Bible & Theology

5 Myths About Christmas

For years I have heard various arguments for and against celebrating Christmas. I finally decided to take an objective look at both sides, do my own research, and find out what is truth. 2,241 more words