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Hey, everybody!

Well, today is the day that some of us go rushing to the stores, while the other some of us stay cowering at home out of the path of the stampede. 191 more words


Book Review: Oriented by Gordon C. Harris

I was tempted to review the book in the same style in which it is written… I pick up the book expecting not to finish. “Just read a chapter or two;” I have been told, and the publisher places no onus or expectation on me to write a review. 418 more words


Commentary on 1 Peter, Persecution, and the "Court of Providence"

From a commentary recommendation I once came across in the comments at Challies’ blog, I have been reading through Robert Leighton’s “A Practical Commentary on 1 Peter,” a classic 17th century work available on Kindle and elsewhere ( 879 more words

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21 Jump-Start

So, I’m writing a book.


The whole inspiration/perspiration saying is proving true.

The ideas are plenty, but getting them organized and translating them into something useful is frustrating. 281 more words

The Regulative Principle, and Spurgeon on “Thus Says the Lord”

From my current reading, Going Beyond the Five Points includes a helpful chapter on the Regulative Principle, explaining what it is (and what it isn’t), including the theological background of it (that public worship is something God gives us more specifics on, and holds a higher standard, than our everyday life) and the scriptural basis. 784 more words

Christian Authors

Puritan Preaching: the Application (Counseling)

From J.I. Packer’s concluding lectures on the English Puritans come the following insights on Puritan preaching. The Puritan preacher, a physician of the soul, had three areas of focus: preaching, catechizing the children (education), and counseling. 826 more words

Christian Authors

The Difficult Balance of Living in This World

In 2004, I went to India. I saw some of the hardest things I’ve ever witnessed, not least of which was visiting a Hindu temple. There were 3 gods present. 944 more words