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Israel and the Church (Book): the Second View (Dispensationalism)

Continuing in “Perspectives on Israel and the Church,” the next view presented is “traditional dispensationalism.” This essay, by Robert Thomas, is well-written and presents Revised Dispensationalism, at least as it relates to the question of Israel and the Church. 688 more words


The Christian Author vs. the Christian Book (by Katie Clark)

I was once asked for a blog Q & A, “Do you consider yourself a Christian author or a writer of Christian books?”

Honestly, I was confused. 835 more words

Six Questions for a Potential Church

Have you ever had to look for a new church? Even with recommendations from godly friends, it can be hard to know which churches and pastors are doctrinally sound, and, of those doctrinally sound churches (because you certainly don’t want to go to one that… 1,507 more words


Israel and the Church (Book): The Covenantal View And Responses

Following up on this previous post, my summary thoughts on the presentation of – and responses to – the first view, of (paedobaptist type) Covenant Theology. 774 more words


Big Box Book Stores' Christian Shelves Lack Essentials

Saturday night around 6:30 PM we dropped into a Chapters store. The Chapters and Indigo stores are the Canadian equivalent to Barnes and Noble, and whether I’m in Canada or checking out B&N on holidays, I love to hang out in the Religion section and see what conversations I can initiate. 623 more words


Video Book Spotlight: One Realm Beyond

This is a video featuring Author Donita K. Paul’s book “One Realm Beyond” – the first title in the Realm Walkers Series (released through Zondervan). In the video, I share my thoughts on the book cover, the book itself, and provide images that go well with the book’s theme. Hope you like it! (:


You Can't Have Everything

“Just add a little bit,” she tells me. “It’ll taste better that way.”

These are the kind of comments my grandmother has to make in order to convince me to put bacon in my vegetarian cuisine. 315 more words