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Priceless! Even Christian Bale can't shut up a (expletive) goat on the 'Exodus' set

You must have some sort of goat death wish to start bleating on a movie set when Christian Bale, as Moses no less, is inspiring the troops. 223 more words


Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups

What it is: I have no idea.

Pros: Is it cool if I skip to the end here? I’m actually pretty angry at this trailer. 45 more words

Πόσο αγαπημένοι ή πόσο πλακωμένοι είναι στην πραγματικότητα η Jennifer Lawrence και ο David O. Russell;

Αυτήν την περίοδο η Jennifer Lawrence βρίσκεται στην Βοστώνη για τα γυρίσματα του Joy- της τρίτης ταινίας που γυρίζει με τον σκηνοθέτη … 24 more words


Christian Bale as Travis McGee? What the Fudge?

Okay, just when you thought that the worst casting decision in the world was Marky Mark as Nathan Drake in the Uncharted film, Hollywood chucks one out that is breathtakingly bad. 930 more words


Rosamund Pike Joins THE DEEP BLUE GOOD-BY

By Dominick Ferrara V

Academy Award nominee Rosamund Pike is in talks to join THE DEEP BLUE GOOD-BY based on John D. MacDonald’s novel of the same name. 148 more words

Movie News

Rosamund Pike to Star with Christian Bale in 'The Deep Blue Good-by'

Rosamund Pike is currently in talks to star opposite of Christian Bale in Fox’s “The Deep Blue Good-by.”

Written by John D. MacDonald in 1964, “The Deep Blue Good-by” was originally the first in a series of 21 books  that followed the adventures of a “savage consultant,” Travis McGee (Bale). 55 more words


I Remember: American Psycho

When American Psycho came out, I was working at a movie theater near my home. (Of course.) It was my first real job. Well, I considered it to be a real job because it’s the only one I got on my own and that I really cared about having. 306 more words