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Re-reading Old Favorites and Book 3

In this Post…
  • Re-reading Old Favorites…Getting Inspiration for Book 3
  • Review DTQ and DSS on Amazon 
  • View the Trailer for Daniel and the Triune Quest ♦
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Daniel And The Sun Sword News And Updates

Roll My Eyes or Fold My Hands

It was a hot and steamy night in the guest room… because that is where I fold and steam my laundry! My son came in and asked, “How’s it goin’, Mom ?” 520 more words

Missing Isaac

Luesse, Valerie Fraser. Missing Isaac. Grand Rapids, MI: Revell Publishing. 2018.

In the deep South during the 1960s, different people came from very different worlds depending on social class and color. 173 more words

Christian Book Review

Spirituality Review: A Bigger Table

Title: A Bigger Table by John Pavlovitz
Genre: Christian Nonfiction/Memroir
Rating:  ★★★ (3/5)

John Pavlovitz is a widely-read Christian blogger known for the generous hospitality of his theology and his commitment to championing honesty within the church.

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The Lacemaker

Frantz, Laura. The Lacemaker. Grand Rapids, MI: Revell Publishing. 2017.

As the “bride” of historic Williamsburg, circa 1775, Lady Elizabeth “Liberty” Lawson, does most everything her father, the British Lieutenant governor of the Virginia colony, demands of her…including a prearranged, high-society marriage. 180 more words

Christian Book Review


If the fine black leather cover with Spurgeon’s signature wasn’t enough, the colorful, paisley designed spine just adds icing to the cake.  That’s right I am writing this review about a book of somewhat blank pages.  141 more words

Christian Books

Discerning the Voice of God Book Review

It took me a few tries to actually read this book cover to cover. It was FAR from a bad read, but my free time in 2017 (when I bought it) was constantly fluctuating. 295 more words