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Of Course the Christian Right Supports Trump

Given this history, it is not surprising that the contemporary leaders of the religious right are blasé about reports that Trump cheated on his third wife with a porn star shortly after the birth of his youngest child, then paid her to be quiet.

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Singer & Bezos steal Alabama, queer globalists get their Dem in the Deep Red South, thanks Fox

By John Miller

Wednesday the 13th of December, 2017

It’s official, the same Paul Singer & Co. Manhattan Institute hedge fund creeps that hired Fusion GPS to smear Republican candidate Trump with a fake dossier and failed have managed to succeed in destroying the Conservative Christian Republican candidate in Deep Red Alabama – this is the darkest hour for the Republican party. 511 more words

US conservative Christians' spiritual blindness on guns

Another week, another tragic and unnecessary mass shooting in America…

This time it was the death of some 26 worshippers and the injury of at least 20 others in a church in the small town of Sutherland Springs, Texas that made… 2,347 more words

Living For God

8 Questions every Aussie Christian should ask drongo MPs to Save Our Churches from the Left and Fake Conservative Gays

By John Miller

Friday the 3rd of November, 2017

Do you believe in the redeeming power of Jesus Christ and the Gospels?

Are you prepared to stand up for the right of Christian Conservatives and the Christian Libertarian Right to worship Christ free of degeneracy? 169 more words

Video: Robert Reich -- "America actually has six political parties"

Robert Reich explains that the old Democratic and Republican parties are exploding. When you take a closer look, America actually has 6 political parties right now. 59 more words

Opinion Leaders

Trump pledges fealty to religious values, "Merry Christmas" — FOX News

President Donald Trump assured a high-profile gathering of Christian conservatives on Friday that his administration will defend religious organizations, promising a return to traditional American values while again subtly stoking the fire he helped ignite over NFL players kneeling during the national anthem.

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What's the Difference Between Monster's Inc and Planned Parenthood?

Have you ever seen Monster’s Inc?  If so do you remember this scene?

This was the scene towards the end of the movie in which the character Henry Waternoose, the CEO for “Monster’s Inc.,” a company that sells electric power was about to be arrested who said he’s willing to “kidnap a thousand children before I let this company die.” 187 more words