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Frank Bruni: Republicans, Evangelicals, Gays and Abortion

New York Times: Another presidential campaign is taking shape, and potential Republican candidates are beginning to speak with extra care — and sometimes with censorious hellfire — about certain social issues. 79 more words


SAHM and Male Breadwinner selection bias, Christian conservative edition

Due to the hourglassing of male income, the type of guy who can earn enough to support a SAHM is something of an outlier.  Likewise, the kind of woman who is ok with staying home in the first place is no longer conventional in personality because SAHM as a choice is so denigrated and constrained.   62 more words


Muslims, Marriage And Bigotry": Our Capacity To "Otherize" People Of A Different Faith, Race, Nationality Or Sexuality

In North Carolina, three young Muslims who were active in charity work were murdered, allegedly by a man who identified as atheist and expressed hostility to Islam and other faiths. 777 more words


Barack Obama: Pacifist and Intellectual Snob

Recent events in the Middle East have served to clarify traits reflective of a true world leader: courage, conviction, and an unwavering commitment to the safety and security of one’s nation and its people.   722 more words

Barack Obama

Alabama lawmaker offers what may be the dumbest anti-gay marriage argument yet

Yep. That’s pretty dumb alright!

We’ve all grown accustomed to the standard right-wing arguments against marriage equality. We’ve been warned of a slippery slope toward bestiality, incest, and pedophilia; we’ve listened to Christian conservatives rail against the sin and depravity of homosexuality; and we’ve witnessed some conservatives concoct a pseudo-intellectual justification for marriage discrimination.

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Gay Marriage

My Constitutional Right Trumps Your Constitutional Right

This is very well stated, only I’m afraid it will change nothing. I still haven’t figured out how my right to marry would prevent someone else from worshiping however they see fit. 168 more words


"Bobby Jindal’s Public Humiliation": Why There’s A Nasty Side To His Thirst For Power

Of the many rituals that accompany U.S. politics, one of the least-important but most-discussed is the spectacle of watching a hopeless, clueless and joyless presidential campaign falter on the runway before swiftly concluding in a fiery crash. 1,257 more words