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"We Don’t Need A 'Christian Left' To Replace The Christian Right": We Need A Commitment To Church-State Separation

It was inevitable, I guess, that the latest talk of the Christian Right “dying” — or at least suffering under divisions created or exacerbated by Donald Trump — would revive hopes of a “Christian Left” emerging to compete with, or even displace, the alliance of Republicans with conservative evangelicals and traditionalist Catholics that has played so large a role in American politics since 1980. 566 more words

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The bathroom game and Christian zealots

Last weekend the Naperville Women’s Half Marathon attracted 2500 women to the city where everyone wants to live. Many of them gathered at the downtown Starbucks restaurant where the line for the women’s room got long. 1,223 more words

"Can Marco Rubio Win Anywhere?": Trump's Landslide Victory In South Carolina Is A Waking Nightmare For The Republican Party

By winning the South Carolina primary, Donald Trump demonstrated he can win anywhere.

By coming in second place, well behind Trump and barely (about 1,000 votes with 99 percent reporting) ahead of Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio demonstrated he will have a hard time winning anywhere. 698 more words

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The One Thing I Wish I Could Have Asked Antonin Scalia

Antonin Scalia has died. He was perhaps the nuttiest supreme court justice of my lifetime, with some ultra reactionary views. Things like his insistence in Lawrence v. 407 more words

"An Ethical Philistine": Why Trump Leads Among Evangelical Voters — Even Though He’s A Religious Illiterate

In the fun-house-mirror dynamics of the 2016 presidential contest, one of the more regularly hilarious images is of Donald J. Trump trying to pander to conservative Evangelical Christians. 610 more words

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"The Christian Candidate": The Republican Formula To Snag Christian Votes Is Unraveling

Mike Huckabee is not happy.

Once a rising star in the Republican Party who successfully leveraged his background as a pastor for political advantage, Huckabee’s 2016 presidential run has proved a disappointing sequel to his respectable… 884 more words


Why Trump Is Winning Over Christian Conservatives

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He’s leading with values voters, even if he doesn’t always share their values

Donald Trump sprinkles his stump speeches with profanity. He used to support abortion, and says he’s never sought forgiveness from God for his sins. 703 more words

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