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Total depravity 6

Such is the arrogance of man that it takes 11 probing questions in Isaiah 40 and 41, before we are ready to hear that a) in and of ourselves we are utterly helpless, sinful idolators, and b) God will guide His people through the wilderness of this world for His glory, due not to their decision but to His sovereign will in Christ: Fear not, thou worm Jacob, and ye men of Israel; I will help thee, saith the Lord, and thy redeemer, the Holy One of Israel (Is 41:14). 239 more words

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Creator And Sustainer

Colossians 1 may well be one of my favorite chapters in the Bible! This morning I read just one section of it, but I couldn’t stop taking notes and marveling at the depths of Who Jesus is and how absolute His power is. 288 more words

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False Teachings Or Simply Disagreements?

Who is a false teacher? Sadly some popular “discernment” ministries are currently throwing out accusations of heresy against other well-known Christian apologists, largely over matters of how they approach their ministry.  453 more words

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More lost souls

Oh Lord, Thou must have more lost sheep

or why else wouldst Thou this world keep?

for all its hatred, murder, pride

its changing laws, infanticide! 76 more words

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Perspectives In Titus: It's A Wrap!

Believe it or not, ladies, today we’ll finish our Bible Study in Titus. Yup, we’ll wrap it up with a pretty pink bow by looking at Paul’s four concluding verses.  784 more words

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Book Review: "Exile: A Conversation with N.T. Wright" edited by James M. Scott

Exile: A Conversation with N.T. Wright seeks to explore N.T. Wright’s thesis about the notion of continuing exile being a controlling belief for the theology of second-temple Judaism and, by extension, early Christianity. 764 more words


Nothing Is As Fair

This week, I want to post a hymn that completely exalts the Lord Jesus Christ. I didn’t want one celebrating what He’s done for wretched sinners like me, although I love those hymns. 69 more words

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