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Accomplish more and attempt less

I want to share a quote from a sermon delivered by Charles Spurgeon in 1871. Is it a coincidence that if you flip 71 it becomes 17, as in 2017?? 291 more words

Spiritual Formations

Wednesday Bible Study Continues…

Digging into the Word together in 2 Chronicles 7:11-22, Mark 12:13-17!  Wednesday, June 28, 2017 Pastor Gary will be leading Bible Study in Room 2 at 10:30am.  14 more words

Christian Education

Onward, I Think

This morning I woke up with a new plan. A friend (hi Trey!) mentioned on FB that there are jobs in Huntsville. Truth is, I have to move no matter where – might as well shoot for a place with some hope of finding a decent job, right? 564 more words


豐盛課室 ABC Study : 穿越聖地18課

閱讀聖經,學習真理,生命重塑,活像基督,乃是基督徒成長之路。但閱讀聖經必須要分解聖經,脫離了古時的場景習俗(decontextualization),然後把超越時空的原則活用於今天身上的場景中(contextualization). 這一個課程讓我們知道多一點耶穌時期的場景,新約的片段活現眼前。主持人走訪四福音記載逾五十多個古蹟地點,以考古、地理、藝術、歷史角度探索耶穌福音記載的地點,探索耶穌故事。本課程每段影片半小時,合共18段,粵語配音,中文字幕。影片只暫借作教學課材,不作商業用途。影片製作過程難免有宗派遺傳影響,觀者必須明辨。

穿越聖地之 1.歴史境觀/ 2.公告天下
穿越聖地之 3.耶穌出生/ 4.耶穌長大
穿越聖地之 5.耶穌開工/ 6.耶穌在加利利
穿越聖地之 7.耶穌神蹟/ 8.耶穌教導
穿越聖地之 9.登山寶訓/ 10.耶穌海上的旅途
穿越聖地之 11.耶穌北上/ 12.耶穌最後旅程
穿越聖地之 13.耶穌在耶路撒冷/ 14.最後晚餐
穿越聖地之 15.耶穌受審/ 16.耶穌的十架
穿越聖地之 17.耶穌復活/ 18.誰是耶穌?/(b)

Christian Education

Pray a Good Book This Summer

It is June, and with the arrival of summer vacations comes the inevitable slew of “beach reading” recommendations. These range from the sublime to, well, the not-so-sublime. 690 more words


Core Values of Authentically Christian Schools

Core Values of Authentically Christian Schools
by Dr. Toby A. Travis

In an earlier article, I argued that the teacher represents the school’s very essence. 1,474 more words

Leadership Development

Rwanda Trip 2017 - Day 5

Friday, June 16
We left before the sunrise again, today. The teacher conference is being held in Kayonza, the city we visited on Wednesday. It’s being held in a hotel on the main road. 554 more words

Rwanda Trip