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The Battle for Truth

Today, as never before, the church finds itself in the midst of a very serious battle. This battle has been raging on for millennia and only those that have allowed themselves the honor of proper use of their mental and spiritual faculties have had better chances of winning. 6,408 more words


The Battle for Interpretation

When one considers the current spiritual environment from which local churches are emerging, one cannot lose sight of the battle that has been raging in the past decade concerning the Bible and how it is interpreted. 7,216 more words


Reservation of the Blessed Sacrament

Over the years, I have collected a great many books and pamphlets from the earliest phases of the Anglo-Catholic movement here and in Great Britain.  These were small enough to carry in a coat pocket and sufficiently inexpensive to entice even the most penurious.  3,193 more words

Christian Education

Presbyterian 101--Week One, "Called To Worship The Triune God"

Our “Just As I Am”  church school class will be offering “Presbyterian 101” on Sundays through February 19. Our pastors, a few guest and member speakers will be teaching this engaging 6-week series where we will explore what Presbyterians believe and how those beliefs are expressed in our worship life together at PHPC. 87 more words


Wise Men Give Gifts: Matthew 2

Gathering Prayer: (Do this prayer repeat-after-me style)
Dear Jesus, we thank you for time to feed our faith as a family, and time to learn about the wise men who brought gifts to Jesus.  530 more words

Family Devotions

Religions along the Silk Road: Investigations and Reflections with Ron Choong (21 Jan 2017)

The STM Centre for Religion and Society and the Academy of Christian Thought will co-organise the following talk hosted at Bangsar Lutheran Church:

“Religions along the Silk Road: Investigations and Reflections with Ron Choong” 129 more words

Christian Education

Revelation Harvesting the Earth

On this Show “Doc” Will be discussing the Harvesting of the Earth from Chapter 14 and will this Harvest/Rapture be physical or simply be spiritual in nature, and when does it occur based on the Book of Revelation. 36 more words