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How to overcome procrastination and fear of visibility for female entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur you know how important customer service is. You know how important it is to be personable with your clients and customers. You like seeing them in person and talking to them, providing the personable service you are so good at. 800 more words

When Is Business The Right Career Choice?

How do you choose your career?

Some people choose careers based on what they think they will find meaningful as work. If you’ve been down this route you’ve probably spent a lot of time defining “what is meaningful for you?” Does creating life saving inventions have more meaning than somebody who sells sandwiches? 700 more words

Is God unreliable?

Does God seem unreliable in your business career?

For example, God does not sit down with you to discuss your resume before He gives you a job. 422 more words

Seek First His Kingdom

The Parable of the Sower explains how God works in people to create real results for His Kingdom.  This is how God changes your business career and the world. 749 more words

My Journey to become a Christian Entrepreneur - Dot 3

I’ve registered four domain names today. One is for my sister which is vinacreations.com and the other three domains for myself. kimchicamp for my cooking blog, … 402 more words

Enterneurship 101