Being nice versus being loving

A friend once told me he was being nice to me and that he didn’t really like me, despite evidence proving the latter. To this day, this is sort of an “agree to disagree” idea with us. 890 more words


Opening the windows to God's wind

That’s all I have to do — open the windows to God’s wind.

During the last 24 hours I’ve been up and I’ve been down. So far down I thought my mind wouldn’t escape its endless loop in the early hours of the morning when I couldn’t sleep. 601 more words

Spiritual Formation

On Universalism

Is there a single person in history who has not been elected before coming to salvation? If that’s true (and it is, as the Scriptures clearly indicate), then don’t we just need to wait long enough, knowing that everyone will come around because they’ll finally decide to buck human nature and regenerate their own hearts? 1,924 more words


St. Porphyrios Challenge

Last year I publicly set myself the first of several poetry-writing challenges and invited others to join me. The results have been fruitful, though modest as to participation volume. 483 more words


Gregory Iron vs Christian Faith – AAW Windy City Classic XI

Gregory Iron vs Christian Faith 11/28/2015 Logan Square Auditorium, Chicago, Illinois, United States

The climax to a big year-long story between the two. Iron tries to cut a promo before the match starts, but the crowd boos him so much that he just gives up and gives the mic back to the ring announcer, much to the joy of the crowd. 119 more words


Useful Alone-time

I just started a new Bible study at my church about David. In my readings of 1st Samuel, I was struck by how God referred to David as “a man after His own heart.” At this point—1st Samuel, chapter 13— Samuel had not mentioned David. 652 more words

Christian Faith

carpe diem memento mori

She lay quietly on the white-bleached sheets, hands folded, gazing at us expectantly. Just 20 years old (one year younger than the white coats crowded around her bed). 377 more words