Am I the untouchable (touch two)

This bible stuff.

The on-going battle over the bible. All this “He said” stuff, all the “Why didn’t He say” stuff, all the “So why the genocide” 806 more words

Am I the untouchable (touch one)

There was an experiment.  Removing road furniture.  Signs, lines, lights, different functional surfaces.  All the paraphernalia of keeping drivers safe from drivers and pedestrians safe from drivers.   696 more words

HowToGrowInFaith 02 

Do Not Depend On Your Own Understanding


Left Behind: The Aftermath of Suicide

Guilt. Anger. Sadness. Resentment. Pain.

These are some of the emotions felt by those left behind after someone takes their own life.

It’s been 4 years and it doesn’t just go away. 756 more words

Christian Faith

Living as a Christian Nation in the Post Election World of 2016

(First Published – November 14, 2016)

The election of 2016 has torn at the very fabric of our nation. Words and actions have brought out our darker angels. 370 more words

Faith & Politics

Introduction To The Holy Spirit and His Gifts

This writing introduces the Holy Spirit and His gifts. It explains His position, His personality traits and His sensitive nature.

During one of his missionary trips, the Apostle Paul questioned a group of believers about the Holy Spirit. 185 more words

Christian Faith

What Would Jesus Say about Marriage and Materialism

 To start the audio of this message go to the bottom of this page and click on the arrow OR
 read the synopsis below and then click on the arrow at the bottom of this page. 899 more words

Interdenominational Christianity