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Our Wonderful Wildcatty Weekend

As we pulled onto I-70 leaving Manhattan in the rearview I reflected to Derek and Flint, who both wait on my every word like the scribes waited on the words of Solomon, which is a dramatic way of saying they sometimes listen to me, which is a dramatic way of saying I talk to myself a lot. 323 more words


He will Get us Through Somehow

The last few weeks have been a ridiculous challenge. As a food addict you would fully think under all the stress, for trying to hold the family together through a huge move, student teaching, major testing, parenting, wifing, (it may not be a word but it’s a thing), and struggling to keep a roof over our heads, you’d think I’d have gained 15 pounds. 664 more words


Tick-Tock Parenting

On any given day I will make 3 to 5 trips to the schools to pick a kid up, drop a kid off, and sometimes shuttle their friend here or there. 910 more words

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Guest Post: Chiari's Plan God's Plan

To end Chiari awareness month, I have a few devotional thoughts on Chiari from some of my fellow moms. This was written by Jani. Not very long after Luke’s surgery, I was introduced to her at our church. 660 more words

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Teaching Children to Hear God (Part 2)

In the last post, we talked about practical things you can do to prep your children to hear God personally. Today, we will examine some of the ways God speaks. 836 more words


Sayonara Summer

So yesterday after 47 tries I learned how to spell “sayonara” and you have to admit that it is not what you expected.

I thought I’d post some of our summer fun times so that I could remember them. 606 more words

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Pass It On - Building a Legacy of Faith - A Book Review

Pass It On – Building a Legacy of Faith for Your Children through Practical and Memorable Experiences

By Jim Burns and Jeremy Lee

David C. Cook, 4050 Lee Vance View, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80918… 239 more words

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