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Safe In the Storm

I’m sitting in front of my TV in the living room, glued to the Weather Channel’s updates on hurricane Matthew.  That storm is headed right toward the town we lived in for two years, just until we moved North back in February.  288 more words


Create an Atmosphere of Peace in Your Home

Does it seem like chaos rules at your house since you started home schooling? Do you spend most days wishing you could reduce the noise and stress levels by dropping the kids off at the nearest public school so that you could enjoy your mom-cave of peace and quiet for a few blissful hours? 697 more words


Minimalism and Keeping Busy

Over the years, I’ve noticed that every major religion seems to have some pro-minimalism element but each morning as I read a chapter of Proverbs I feel a bit called out for being a sluggard and as we prune even more, I feel conflicted. 313 more words

Mothers You Are the Backbone of the Family

There’s an old saying, “God couldn’t be everywhere at once, so he made moms.”

That statement has horrible theology in it.  But it attempts to convey the importance motherhood plays in our lives.  1,191 more words

Christian Family

Memories: The Sunday Drive

When I was a little girl, families packed up into their cars and took a drive after church on Sunday.  Gas was pretty cheap in the 1960’s, and the Sunday Drive was an inexpensive way to spend the afternoon.  872 more words

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The Place of the In-Laws! (3)



The Place of the In-Laws! (3)

Dear Reader,

I thank God for the privilege to bring His Word your way again today. 790 more words

Christian Family