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We're All Chasing Something

A few months ago, I bought a book for Jordyn called, The Chase by Kyle & Kelsey Kupeky. I wanted to read it first because it’s about trusting God with your happily ever after, and I needed to make sure it was aligned with our standards on the topic of dating, courting, etc., before I let her get her hands on it. 514 more words


Hands Are For Holding

One year ago yesterday my son’s life changed after having decompression brain surgery for Chiari malformation. Well that is not exactly true. My life changed as well with so many blessings sprinkled with set backs and difficulties. 337 more words

Blended Family

I'm Starting To Take This Personally...

Ok.  Enough is enough.  “I’m starting to take this personally,” is what I said to my sister when she called to see if Josh and I decided where to celebrate my upcoming birthday (on Valentine’s Day).   1,142 more words

The teenage pregnancy experience

I learned many things from being a “16 & pregnant” statistic. Things I now use to defend young mothers who have known this hurt all to well. 1,245 more words


I take it back.

In just a few short days, Bridge will be 50% through BCT.

It feels crazy to say that. Time moves so differently in the military. 938 more words

Valentine's Day ~ You Can Buy Into It, Without Buying Into It $$$

It’s getting close!  Valentine’s Day!!  What to do?  What to buy?  How do I show the special someone in my life how much I care?  And you have to do it, everyone does! 1,173 more words

Show Love

When children look at parents they see a model of what love should be. If we show children a poor relationship this is what they will come to know as normal. 118 more words

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