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The Cherry on the Crap Sundae

Last week was full of disasters. Fred and I both were swimming in tides of mutual and individual emotional distress, and then stupid little things kept happening. 848 more words


Before and after processing in God...

My name is Maya, and I was born on 1992. My spiritual birthday is 2011.

Maybe some of you didn’t understand what is spiritual birthday mean. 1,122 more words


Broken life of pain.

Belief in God was confusing, happy, wonderful, and interesting to me. Growing up without a steady church home I got to hear what many churches believe and taught. 1,088 more words


Avoiding God and Other Futilities

I avoid God. I believe in Him, and I believe the Bible. Which means that I understand that God is omnipresent, all-powerful and that I belong to Him. 837 more words


“ Barring No Further Disaster”, and Other Famous Last Words

Last week I posted a request of prayer and beg of pardon from our readers. Neither Fred nor I could, (pardon the term) get our $#!t together and type up a post. 426 more words


Re-post: When Jesus Was Twelve

I once said to my grandson, Zachary, when he was twelve years old, “Let’s go for a walk.” We started together down his lane and by the time we got to the sidewalk 300 yards away we were moving at a brisk pace, side by side. 995 more words

Christian Family

This Blog's All-Time #1 Post

This weekend we’ve focused on this blog’s top three all-time posts, of which #1 is The Eight Things Destroyed Our Marriage by Justin and Trisha Davis. 688 more words