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Keeping Kids Safe Online | Scholastic.com

Keeping kids safe online means staying informed and getting involved in making sure your child knows the risks, as well as the rewards, of the Internet. 15 more words


Memories: The Kindergarten Perm

School was painful for me from the git-go.  I had red hair plus a cowlick, freckles, was skinny, and was very shy.  As I stumbled my way through twelve years of tortuous education, I grew even more odd-looking and awkward.  715 more words

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The Homefront Is Crumbling

When John Foster Dulles was secretary of state, he called General Douglas MacArthur’s home one day. Mistaking Dulles’s voice for that of an aide, Mrs. MacArthur snapped, “MacArthur is not here. 877 more words

Christian Family

Bringing Up Royal Sons and Daughters (Part 4)

In Part 1 of this series, we talked briefly about teaching our children to live as servant royalty — to use their princely positions to bless and assist people, instead of tyrannizing over them. 634 more words


Birthday Girl.....

This week marked my mums 69th birthday! Yep getting on but by no means old! We had a get together for her this afternoon with all her grandkids and great grandkids. 44 more words

I'll be your Lyft driver

Rebekah grew up and moved out. Despite the fact that I was well aware that this was coming, I’m still a bit surprised and saddened. 171 more words


Was The Apostle Paul a Male Chauvinist?

It is funny how God prepares you for life. I remember my last year at graduate school. It was before my first call to serve Berea in Detroit. 833 more words

Christian Family