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The Fiesty San Jao Festival of Goa

Reposting an earlier article about the San Jao Festival held every year on June 24th.

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The Fiesty San Jao Festival of Goa


June 2015

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"Feast of Weeks/ Pentecost" (May 24, 2015)

All Esteem to YAHUAH (Gen 29:35, Jer 7:2/ Jer 7:10-14), through Yahusha (Acts 26:14-15) The Alef-Tau (Rev 2:8)!!!

Pentecost (ˈpɛntɪˌkɒst)

1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) a Christian festival occurring on Whit Sunday commemorating the descent of the Holy Ghost on the apostles… 3,898 more words


Christmas is universally popular because it combines two different traditions. On the one hand it is the continuation of pagan celebrations associated with the winter solstice, that time of the year when the rising sun gradually but unmistakably reverses its southward retreat and advances toward the north. 2,017 more words

What Is April Fools' Day All About?

Happy April Fools’ Day to you all!  Since I never have read about the origin of “April Fools’ Day” I thought I would post it for all to read.   875 more words


Conversation Starters... for Easter

Multi-sensory activity ideas as opportunities to share the Easter truth with our children

This list of suggestions shows how we can take advantage of the activities we would typically do during this time as well as giving us an excuse to do something a bit different, embracing religious and social traditions along the way! 3,655 more words


Photo Challenge: Shadowed

Emerging from the shadowed entrance of the Priory Church in El Puerto de Santa Maria a procession begins its slow and somber way through the town. 157 more words


The Funnnn.... and Frolic INTRUZ

In India, Carnival is celebrated on a grand scale in the state of Goa, where it is know as ‘Intruz’ (from the Portuguese word Entrudo, an alternative name for carnival) and the largest celebration takes place in the city of Panaji, Goa. 458 more words