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The Great Similarities Of Hulk And Logan: The Hero

I am a hard-core fan of both Ang Lee’s Hulk (2003) and Logan (2017), two films that have been debatable and intense but very bright compared to every other Marvel comics film. 289 more words


Life With Autism: The Next Temple Grandin

I have been an autism advocate since my teenage years and Temple Grandin inspired me to help many neurotypical people understand autism better.

I am not afraid of being on the stage and I am willing to give speeches to people of different generations about autism, my works and my analytical research. 64 more words


Life With Autism: Benefits

Many people say that living with autism is hard but there are a lot of benefits about my life with autism.

I can pick up details very easily that neurotypicals cannot. 96 more words


Life With Autism: Picking Up Details

People who live on the spectrum have a brilliant gift for picking up details that certain neurotypicals refuse to do so.

While certain neurotypicals can pick up on who voiced who on animation rather than animated films featuring the voice talents of Selena Gomez or Cameron Diaz, people with high-functioning autism can pick out characters voiced by real voice actors including Frank Welker, Lorne Lanning, Grey DeLisle, Tony Jay, Phil LaMarr, Tara Strong and C. 51 more words


Life With Autism: Why We Don't Need A Cure

Dozens of neurotypicals think that autism is just a disease that is contagious like the influenza virus but it is just a difference.

A film I have appreciated which is X-Men The Last Stand (2006) had a similar storyline where the humans have prepared a cure for mutation and the mutants such as the X-Men that live with it. 50 more words


Life With Autism: Discrimination

People with autism can be more likely as discrimination victims compared to neurotypicals because they are quite different with not enough social skills or the ability to speak properly with strong special interests. 70 more words


Life With Autism: Constipation

When I was very young, I had a restrictive diet and get constipated easily. It really hurt my gastrointestinal system. I decided to take some Miralax/stool softeners. 27 more words