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How Groupthink Thoughts Hurt Me

I feel like some people force me to believe what they want to believe instead of being myself. This philosophy known as “Groupthink” has made parts of society ignorant and refuses to accept what is completely individualistic. 596 more words


Top Ten: Animated Films That Deserve A Rewatch

While I obviously prefer live-action over animation, there are some animated films that need a better side of reception. Not all of them are for kids, you know. 319 more words


Top Ten: Live-Action Films That Deserve A Rewatch

I find life as a film reviewer tough because I like tons of films that get poorly received by the audience, other critics or both. They have also been derided by people as too unconventional. 398 more words


Intellectualism VS Consumerism: Ang Lee and James Mangold over the Traditional Marvel Films

There are a lot of comic book films out there, but my personal favorites are Hulk (2003) and Logan (2017) because they prefer to be intelligent and original, rather than simply basing it on the comics or using tons of toddler fodder to attract audiences. 158 more words


Top Ten: Contemporary Live-Action Films That Should Be Viewed And Studied At Schools

Film is an important art form just like books and have more significance than video games. They are studied for their historical, artistic or educational significance. 252 more words


Top Ten: Extra Extended Editions That Work Better Than The Original Films

Many people dismiss extended editions of certain films for prolonging the runtime, but ten of these are great exceptions that develop a lot of information by adding on to the film rather than substituting it. 538 more words


Top Ten: Reasons Why Directors Should Hire Micaela Dee

Micaela Dee (June 5th 1990-Present) is starting to become one of the best film, TV and stage actresses of her generation next to Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence and Margot Robbie. 358 more words