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ZA's anti-LGBT Watchman on the Wall I: Errol Naidoo, the Family Policy Institute and the Family Research Council

The Film and Publication Board of South Africa has for some time had a relationship with an anti-LGBT organisation called the Family Policy Institute. The Family Policy Institute (FPI) was founded in reaction to the legalisation of same sex marriage in South Africa and is modelled on a similar organisation in the US, the Family Research Council, which has provided support to Naidoo for the last decade. 2,422 more words

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Ted Cruz’s religious horror: Why he’s really running for High Priest of America

My latest piece is an article for Salon that explains why Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s presidential ambitions are driven, in part, by a strangely fundamentalist  interpretation of American civil religion. 92 more words

Sun of A-Pocalypse! Part 2

Sun of A-Pocalypse! Part 1

The world must pass through more darkness in the night of the War on Terror before we see the dawning of peace, lasting peace, and Middle East peace. 456 more words


The Confederacy Lives – Shame on You Oklahoma!

For those Oklahoma legislators who’ve been living in the dream world of American Exceptionalism…

“Oklahoma! Where the bigotry comes sweeping down the plain!” – RJ Evans – 729 more words


Holy Trinity of Madness – Three Messengers, Two Gods, One Goal

Three messengers, two gods, one goal: Purge the earth of homosexuals. Let’s meet the three messengers…

Coming to us from the Middle East, god’s reigning World Messenger Champion, a truly brutal regime of torture, murder, and mayhem against the enemies of god… Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). 1,314 more words


I'm Done with Christianity

I’m done with Christianity.
I broke down today and two days ago about the suffering in my life and in the world.

I have tried to recover a love for Jesus but I can not separate him from the Insane hell doctrine. 92 more words