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I'm Done with Christianity

I’m done with Christianity.
I broke down today and two days ago about the suffering in my life and in the world.

I have tried to recover a love for Jesus but I can not separate him from the Insane hell doctrine. 92 more words

The Doctrine of Hell : The Destroyer of Mind, Body and Soul

Having experienced and experiencing hell on earth in the form of excruciating and misunderstood health issues for several years my mind has become fully aware of the sheer horror of the doctrine of hell. 784 more words

Jose Padua: The Color of Bourbon and Other Observations on the Landscape of the Valley Where We Live

This past Saturday, Heather, Maggie, Julien, and I were going south on Route 11 just outside of downtown Harrisonburg, Virginia. We were there for a quick, cheap, winter getaway and, having just left the Discover Museum on Main Street, we were looking for our hotel, the Country Inn and Suites of Harrisonburg. 1,142 more words

Social Justice

the crying game

The current President of one of the higher institutions of learning from which I graduated has penned a new book titled, “Prepare: Living Your Faith in an Increasingly Hostile Culture.” 461 more words

Christian Fundamentalism

God is not faithful

It is hard to write, but I feel no need to be indirect.
I write this for all those who went and are going through life wondering why God has not helped them in such dark years, lifetimes of pain. 231 more words

My Letter to All the Other Christians

To everyone else who calls themselves “Christian”, Emergent, Progressive, or otherwise,

I often write about fundamentalism; however, this letter is not about them. This letter is specifically for you. 1,043 more words


how in the world did I change my mind?

If you’ve been here for any length of time you should be pretty well aware of that fact that I grew up in Christian fundamentalism. It was everything, my entire world, for the bulk of the… 1,186 more words