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Let’s assume, if only for a moment, America is correct in its desire to avoid calling Robert Lewis Dear’s Denver Planned Parenthood shooting rampage last Friday an act of… 1,105 more words


An Atheist "Schools" Christians on Faith

I never thought I’d come across such a mature and honest expression of faith as I found here, coming from the heart of an atheist.  ( 159 more words


The "God Complex" and Dr. Ben Carson

When a young man, I stumbled across an evangelical self-help book about “the god-complex” and recognized then that it pertained to me.  To summarize, this term refers to someone who responds to deep-seated feelings of being out of control with the over-compensation of trying to control his world, sometimes by defining his world so narrowly that the remaining tiny fiefdom is easily manageable.. 345 more words


Christian Fundamentalist/Conservative Evangelical Hijinx in the United States

Hardly anything surprises us here at the Flee from Christian Fundamentalism blog, but a few things do.  Many years ago in my youth, I regularly walked up to the old theater in my  small southern town and watched the Saturday afternoon double-feature. 358 more words

The Devil Is Out to Getcha!!!

When I first ventured onto Facebook several years ago, I was filling out the personal info forms which included books that I had read, two of which were by Neal Donald Walsch.  743 more words

Biblical Literalism

Fundamentalism is Toxic

Fundamentalism would be fine if it wasn’t so dangerous and toxic. It wishes to make heretics out of everyone who disagrees and tries to force its inflexible will on everyone else. 199 more words