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How the Brain Creates the Experience of God

Peter: When I used to read the Bible I sort of assumed that God spoke to the people of old in a very clear way that could not be misunderstood.

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America - As a "Truly Christian Nation"

You can’t escape the recitation. “America is a Christian Nation!” The Religious Reich loves to howl it at every opportunity. Despite evidence to the contrary – the very words spoken and/or put into print by many of the Founding Fathers of the country – the self-righteous contend that it is… 1,446 more words


My Unfinished Book

Christ Centred Exegesis

According to the Oxford English Dictionary exegesis is

a. Explanation, exposition (of a sentence, word, etc.); esp. the interpretation of Scripture or a Scriptural passage. 1,455 more words

Libertarian Fundamentalism

I had a brief encounter with Christian fundamentalism in my married years (loooong story) that left my already skeptical self even more disillusioned with the religion. 927 more words


A New Union vs The Old Confederacy – The Resurrection

As the last visible vestige of the old South withers and dies with the retirement of the Confederate flag from southern statehouses, the New Union rejoices. 2,355 more words


Two by Two, times Two.

Many of my friends and acquaintances on social media will note my reticence, up until this point, with regard to same sex union. I have always supported same sex union, according to the same theory that I use to support union of any two people for any deeply committed reasons. 577 more words

Contemplative Essays

Mr. Robertson, what's going on in your head?

It’s hard to think I’ve gone the entire lifespan of this blog so far and posting diatribes against Christianity and its conservative offshoots without even mentioning one of America’s favorite Christian bullshit artists: Pat Robertson. 618 more words