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Fundamentalism is Toxic

Fundamentalism would be fine if it wasn’t so dangerous and toxic. It wishes to make heretics out of everyone who disagrees and tries to force its inflexible will on everyone else. 199 more words


The End of Time & "The Blood Red Moon"

A blood-red moon is coming up shortly and the hyper conservative Christians are again being whipped into a frenzy by the likes of televangelist John Hagee who feverishly proclaim that this is a sure sign that the Second Coming of Christ is imminent.  390 more words


Look at me DAMN IT! I'm SPECIAL!

With all the hype surrounding Rowan County, Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, and the ever-growing popularity of whining, sniveling, screaming, and crying “persecution” by fundamentalists in the U.S., one important aspect of the charade is being overlooked. 672 more words


Senator Ted Cruz Demonstrates an "Echo Chamber."

Here is a video clip of Ted Cruz tossing “red meat” to a group of hungry, rabid supporters.  He carefully follows his script, not missing a point, offering up to those reptilian brains everything they want to hear.  226 more words

Republican Party

I Hear That Bible Thumping, But It's Way Out Of Rhythm

I would say I’m a “spiritual” but not particularly religious person.  I grew up Methodist until I was 16.  Prior to that, church was every Sunday, followed by TV dinners and the Sunday paper.   1,081 more words


Persecution and Martyrdom – Creating a Minefield of Excuses for Intolerance

The hallmark of Religious Reich tantrums is the ability to lay a vast minefield of excuses for their intolerance. The foundation for those excuses always utilize two elements. 978 more words


Embedded in Our Thinking #4

A judge in Tennessee provided us this week another demonstration of being embedded in our own thinking and the poor judgment that can ensue.  He refused to grant divorce to a straight couple, explaining…and I paraphrase…”Well, if the Supreme Court can tell us what is and is not marriage then I must wait until they take the next step and announce what divorce is.” ( 347 more words