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Trump and the 'Thing-ification' of Faith

The evangelical support for Donald Trump reflects how greatly imperiled the Christian tradition is in.  True, evangelicals are only a portion of Christianity but most of the Christian tradition is based on rationality to the exclusion of experience which makes it more amenable to being a cultural artifact. 751 more words


Trust No One

In my very early years I was taught, much like every other child at the time, to trust authority.  Parents, teachers, coaches, police officers, firemen, immediate neighbors, all had the right to tell me what I could and couldn’t do.  710 more words

A Believing Cynic Looks at Faith


The election last month, and the conservative support of Donald Trump, really rattled my cage spiritually and helped me to understand more fully the origins of my faith.  647 more words


Truth and a Mall Santa Claus

A street preacher, already notorious in Amarillo, Texas, disrupted a shopping mall’s Santa visitation with children recently, loudly announcing to them, “Santa Claus is not real.”  There is no doubt he was very sincere in what he was doing; for, yes, Santa Claus is not “real” but that does not mean his tradition in our country is not valid for little children.  394 more words


It's a "Come to Jesus" Moment

A “come to Jesus moment” in popular culture has come to mean to face a day of reckoning about circumstances that have been ignored to the point where they can no longer be disregarded.  580 more words


The Fits and Screams of a Dying Nation

It isn’t difficult to find deafening vitriol in American politics today.  Comment sections of political, social, and religious websites are littered with poisonous diatribes, insults, and threats. 448 more words

Three Minutes to Midnight - Two - One...

On January 26, 2016, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Science and Security Board announced to the world that the hands of their Doomsday Clock would remain at three minutes to midnight: 258 more words