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Liberal Genocide & Hypocrites

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Liberal Genocide

Facts, evidence, truth.  They are the result of objective reasoning, investigation, and rigorous testing.  They are not manifestations of wild, ignorant imaginations.  705 more words

Language is Nuanced and Contextual

Ben Carson is now on stage with Trump, playing his part in the daily clown show.  He almost immediately made a splash when in his first speech after taking office as Housing and Urban Development Secretary described slaves on slave ships as “immigrants.”   When he was immediately criticized over this statement, he responded with, “Look up the definition of immigrants.” 273 more words

Christian Fundamentalism

The "Battle for Truth" in the U.S.

The Battle for Truth in the United States continues to amaze me, given that I grew up with the Superman TV series where the Man of Steel was the champion of, “ 484 more words


The Simple "Complexity" of Spirit

I have deep conviction that life is essentially a spiritual enterprise; or, as someone has said, “We are spiritual beings having an human moment.”   But to be honest, I’m hesitant to even use words like “spiritual” for in my culture they too often refer to jargon and rhetoric which I now see as ideological bondage described by the Apostle Paul as, the “letter of the law” which he described as spiritually lethal. 550 more words

Poetry And Prose

How Human Evolution was Blocked

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“Earth is about 6,000 years old”

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GOP Self-destruction and Its War on Truth

Several times during the Obama administration I listened to Republicans passionately declare, “President Obama is out to destroy the Republican Party.”  It was apparent that their collective unconscious was speaking as the seeds of self-destruction were obviously ravaging their party.  623 more words


Book Review: Strong Religion, Zealous Media

Strong Religion, Zealous Media: Christian Fundamentalism and Communication in India
By Pradip Ninan Thomas (SAGE Publications: Los Angeles, London, New Delhi, Singapore, 2008, pp. xvii+207) 1,312 more words