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Our Relationship with Islam

Sociologically and historically, which religious creeds have been more vs less susceptible to being co-opted by triumphalistic nationalists and such, for example, or used to otherwise cloak violent agenda, I haven’t studied, other than to learn that it’s complicated. 15,495 more words

Why "Christianity, capitalism, and democracy" cannot save us from Islamic extremist terrorism

Today I responded to the following comment regarding the recent murder of two men who were defending two young women from anti-Muslim hate speech on a train in Portland, Oregon: 895 more words

Pence as president could be worse than Trump

The thought of Donald Trump’s monstrous ego being swiftly turned out of office because of his incompetence and corruption can’t help but give us a warm feeling of schadenfreude. 2,298 more words


Sharon Doubiago: Jesus was a Terrorist

“The most important deficiency in the U.S. counterterrorism policy has been the failure to address the root causes of terrorism.” Philip C. Wilcox Jr., former US Ambassador at Large and Coordinator for Counter-Terrorism, September 2001. 852 more words


Nonfundie Christians: Why Do You Remain So Silent?

I have an important question today for all of my readers who are not Christian fundamentalists or conservative evangelicals. For the last 100 years and even today, why do you personally (and your nonfundie church) roll over, play dead, and remain silent in the face of the Bible-distorting, unChrist-like, outrageous, politics-pandering, and hateful Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical preachings and behaviors that we all see and hear about each day here in the United States.  169 more words

American Family Association Creates Anti-Christian Bigotry Map

The American Family Association (AFA) is a Christian fundamentalist parachurch organization associated with the so-called Religious Right in the United States. This organization is famous for its vicious, foaming-at-the-mouth bigotry against American citizens who are LGBTQ. 775 more words

TBR - Forcing God's Hand: Why Millions Pray for a Quick Rapture ... and Destruction of Planet Earth by Grace Halsell

The book explores the danger posed by Christian fundamentalism – a doctrine that is sweeping America. Leaders of the doctrine proclaim that God wants – even demands – that Planet Earth be destroyed in our generation.

234 more words