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Hidden. Part 3

There was no talking him out of it, and even though I felt guilty I was still curious. I did at least convince him to pick one that wasn’t Black Sabbath. 620 more words


Well, we've found the antidote: Study finds being exposed to Buddhist concepts reduces prejudice!

Study finds being exposed to Buddhist concepts reduces prejudice and increases prosociality

In 3 separate experiments, researchers from Belgium and Taiwan have found that being exposed to Buddhist concepts can undermine prejudice towards others and lead to increased prosocial behavioral intentions. 103 more words

Hidden. Part 2.

Whenever my parents were gone, we met up for something that was quickly turning into a tradition. I remember the first time it happened. I was sitting sideways on the rocking recliner in the living room, trying to read… 416 more words


My unhealthy addiction to Moody Radio

When I was a Moody senior back in 1984, I interned in the news department at WMBI. The assignment entailed the usual radio news stuff — conducting phone interviews and editing clips for broadcast, finding story ideas, etc. 333 more words

Christian Fundamentalism


I think about hell a lot. Right now my eyelashes are clumped with dried tears, my bangs pasted to my sweaty forehead. An eternity of conscious torment, an eternity of conscious torment. 580 more words


Frank Schaeffer Shoots Straight on Christian Fundamentalism and Conservative Evangelicalism

Frank Schaeffer is the home-schooled son of famous conservative, evangelical, Calvinist ideologues Francis and Edith Schaeffer.  Frank is a Christian who grew up literally bathed in the “full-court press” of conservative religion, and he was one of the conservative founders of the Religious Right in the United States.  128 more words

What Do Christian Fundamentalism and Islamic Fundamentalism Have in Common?

What do Christian fundamentalism and Islamic fundamentalism have in common?  John D. Crosson, who is a Christian, explains it to you in simple words that anyone should be able to understand.  7 more words