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Christian Fundamentalism as Emotional Rape

Christian fundamentalism, to me and and many others who see the cruelty of it recognize it for what it is. Emotional Rape.

Christian fundamentalism destroys lives. 264 more words

oh beast! nightmares of sheep. goats. fire that sinks like water.

We wait.
I may be here when they lock the doors.

I am here to tell someone about the rate of attrition 
how at dusk… 1,468 more words


Is "Memories Pizza" Blessed?

The following feature was written by Eric Byrd of Newfield (Tompkins County), and first posted on his Facebook page. It is published here with Mr. Byrd’s permission.

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poptarts taste like freedom

As I’ve mentioned a few times, I’ve been watching through Gilmore Girls for the first time, although Handsome and I have been distracted by listening to Robert Jordan’s… 1,158 more words

Christian Fundamentalism

"Religious Freedom" = Religious Bigotry

The following post was originally published Feb. 27, 2014.  I’m re-posting it in the wake of the Indiana “Religious Freedom” law signed by Gov. Mike Pence (R) 573 more words


ZA's anti-LGBT Watchman on the Wall I: Errol Naidoo, the Family Policy Institute and the Family Research Council

The Film and Publication Board of South Africa has for some time had a relationship with an anti-LGBT organisation called the Family Policy Institute. The Family Policy Institute (FPI) was founded in reaction to the legalisation of same sex marriage in South Africa and is modelled on a similar organisation in the US, the Family Research Council, which has provided support to Naidoo for the last decade. 2,415 more words

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Ted Cruz’s religious horror: Why he’s really running for High Priest of America

My latest piece is an article for Salon that explains why Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s presidential ambitions are driven, in part, by a strangely fundamentalist  interpretation of American civil religion. 92 more words