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Three Minutes to Midnight - Two - One...

On January 26, 2016, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Science and Security Board announced to the world that the hands of their Doomsday Clock would remain at three minutes to midnight: 258 more words

Blind Trust, Faith = Fail

At the age of 13, my parents removed the white veil from their marriage to reveal darkness and extremely well hidden truth:  My father didn’t want to be married to my mother, and my mother reacted to it by projecting my father’s transgressions, and her hatred for him and men in general, on me after their divorce.  728 more words

Thinking "Outside of the Box"

“Thinking outside of the box” is popular rhetoric for looking at things differently.  But, the task asks for more than is often realized–realizing that you are “boxed” already and have a built-in, ego based aversion for escaping that narrow view of the world.  375 more words

Christian Fundamentalism

Ignorance is bliss, unfortunately

When I was seven, I surprised my mother by announcing I wanted to start going to Sunday school. Well, two of my best friends went and I wanted to go, too. 989 more words


Confessions of an Hypocrite

When “god talk” is bouncing around in your head–words like “Jesus”, or “Holy Spirit” or “humility” or “the Bible”– it is really intoxicating!  I know, been there, done that.  832 more words

W. H. Auden

Spirituality in Cultural Captivity

When working on a Master’s thesis in history at the University of Arkansas in the 1980’s, I focused on American religion, specifically the fundamentalist Christian response to the influence of modernity in the late 19th century.  962 more words


Weighed in the Balances & Found Wanting

King Belshazzar, the king of Babylon in the 6th century B.C, saw a writing on the wall one morning and eventually called the Hebrew prophet Daniel to interpret.  907 more words