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My First Experience with "the Other."

Something happened yesterday that resurrected ancient memories from my youth when Jews were one of the many that had been banished into the vast category of “them.”  I’m in a book club at the local Episcopalian Church which meets weekly and reads non-fiction books which always touch on spiritual themes.  497 more words


The Ego and "Distinction Drawing"

Fr. Richard Rohr today offered observations about the ego which are relevant to my present focus on the “distinction drawing” that is an essential part of our identity.  497 more words

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The Tyranny of Being Right

One of the earliest “distinction drawings” I learned after becoming conscious was that the world was divided into two categories—“saved” and “unsaved.”  And from that font of binary thinking I learned there were Baptists and then there were other religious denominations who did not understand the Bible “right.”  And even worse, there were the “Mary-worshipping” Catholics and also the Jews who weren’t even Christian!  641 more words

Richard Rohr

I Was Asked By an Evangelical Christian How I Perceived His Religion.

From a Quora post:

I grew up in a Southern Baptist church. I was taught about original sin and that we sin all the time. I was told that the only way for me to make that right with God was to accept Jesus as my lord and savior. 654 more words



BY WILLIAM CAVEN, D. D., LL. D., Late Principal Of Knox College, Toronto, Canada

Both Jews and Christians receive the Old Testament as containing a revelation from God, While the latter regard it as standing in close and vital relationship to the New Testament. 8,942 more words