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Purging LGBTQ People from Church

A close family member of mine here in Tennessee, a young and well-educated man, is gay.  He was raised day-in and day-out in the nurture and admonition of the Lord from the day he drew his first breath until he was a young man. 2,354 more words


terrible lie.
my head is filled with disease.
my skin is begging you please.
i’m on my hands and knees.
i want so much to believe. 2,099 more words


Pope Francis Condemns All Religious Fundamentalisms

The Roman Catholic Church has apparently “had it up to here” (as the old cliche goes) with religious fundamentalism inside its own church and outside of it. 273 more words

Say, have you read Archer and Armstrong?

The Comic: Archer and Armstrong by Fred Van Lente, with art by Clayton Henry.

What it’s about: Obadiah Archer was raised to be an assassin by Christian Fundamentalists. 229 more words


A Formal Response to the Recent Fundie "Declaration of Dependence on God and His Holy Bible"

The Flee from Christian Fundamentalism blog has a strong and very serious message for the individual fundies and fundie entities who recently drew up the so-called… 1,511 more words

From Babylon to Brussels: Why some Christians voted to leave the EU

The rag-tag army which won the Brexit vote was made up of many battalions:  the rampant racists, the anti-Westminster protest voters, earnest people with random concerns about bees, accounts and deportation policy, even those trying to send a posthumous two-fingered salute to Ted Heath.   1,138 more words


The Delusional World of Trump Continues

I just finished my morning foray into the mad world of Donald Trump and was not even taken aback to see that he is now focusing on the mental instability of Hillary Clinton.  757 more words