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He's Always Worth It!

A great reminder that when life gets tough, Jesus is always there for us, He’s always worth it! Even when your friends laugh at you, even if your parents say you’re rediculous, know who God is. 46 more words



Hello and welcome! My name is Dana, and I am 21 years old. I currently live in Auckland New Zealand and I absolutely love it. I was born and raised here in Auckland and I am proud and very blessed to be able to live here even if the rent prices are ridiculous. 211 more words


Shiny Girls

I have a name for those girls who always look perfect. You know the kind, perfect hair, perfect make-up, perfect nails, perfect clothes. Perfect houses and perfect families; perfect jobs and perfect friends.  301 more words


Heart Check

Before coming to Christ I can say that I was an undemonstrative lover; meaning I was not very affectionate or a very goo goo ga ga type of lover. 681 more words


Spoken Word - 2014

I don’t even have to watch porn, Its all in my mind. It makes me sick cuz it flips channels all the time
the blood of Jesus… 801 more words


Currently Left-Handed

I have run into a number of things in my lifetime. The microwave door, the countertop, doorways, the wall, supermarket carts, and especially the floor have all given me bumps and bruises. 408 more words

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Two Absract Opposites

This week I was given an assignment to write a five-paragraph paper on mercy. I decided to share it with you. By the way, all of my essays or papers that I post can be found under the… 529 more words

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