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fasting update 1


i decided to start this blog as a way to keep myself accountable throughout my fast. i’ve tried giving up things before and i don’t have the best self-discipline (one of the things i’m hoping the fast helps with!), so hopefully these posts will help my track my progress and keep myself in check. 365 more words


When it's Hard to Help

Sometimes when I see people in pain, or suffering I can be scared to help. I think that I will end up putting my foot in it and making everything so much worse than it was before. 296 more words



Lately I’ve been struggling with being joyful. It’s not that I’m not a happy person, because believe me, I am. I’m 19, with the world to see and the rest of life starting tomorrow. 161 more words


How to Stop Worrying

Worries have a weight to them.

They burden us.

They make our path a harder journey.

They make us weary.

They take over our minds and take away our joy. 364 more words


Take The 40 Day Challenge 

Abortion. Whenever I hear that word, it makes me squirmy. And maybe you feel the same way. As Christians, we believe God is the one who begins and ends life, so we need to speak up for the millions of babies being aborted that can’t speak up for themselves. 262 more words

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This has always been a part of my character. I remember feeling this strong sense of love from a young age. For EVERYONE. The mailman, my teachers, our waitresses, my family, and every friend I ever met. 721 more words


I’m thankful that His mercies are new every morning, because it’s 12:15 AM, and I am needing them already.

I didn’t imagine that writing this post would take so long. 851 more words