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Just Dipping my Toes in the Water

Do you ever feel as if you are not living life fully? That there is so much more available, but you are not quite getting it. 461 more words


Dear Christian guy,

Do you fear rejection? Well, in this 21st century, we woman, fear the same thing. Except that we are more paranoid. Are you surprised at all? 489 more words


#myriadsofblessings - 8/13

The “Thankful” post series (in which I list things I am thankful for) now goes by “#myriadsofblessings” to go better with the blog title.  FYI.  Anyway, here are some blessings I am currently grateful for: 146 more words

God Is Good

"God Doesn't Make Junk" (And Why I Have Trouble Believing It)

“You just have to remind yourself that God doesn’t make Junk.” The well-meaning lady with a smile said to me in the church lobby one day, after service. 506 more words


How NOT to Read the Bible

Reading the bible is, in fact, really simple. But I am just so good at making it complicated! Here are just a few of the ways I have managed to do that. 506 more words



I’m tired.

So very tired.

The type of tired that a night of sleep just can’t fix.

The type of tired that three weeks of sleep wouldn’t be able to cure. 1,304 more words


I'm not afraid of a college girl

My boyfriend leaves for college on Saturday. His college is almost 7 hours away, and it’s a private Christian college where some people rush to get married and live in the special marriage dorms, or so my sister-in-law states. 204 more words