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This is Me!

My first blog post is entitled This Is Me.  I recently seen The Greatest Showman, and this song resonated with me one a different level. 442 more words


Peter walking, and falling

Hi, I’m Becky.

So let’s get real, life is challenging. You may be thinking, ” Duh it’s hard, what are you 17??”. Actually, yes I am. 1,158 more words


Why do we worry?

We all worry, we all stress. We all say we should stop doing those things, yet seldom do we actually stop. There are many reasons why people worry, the one that I see the most is control. 1,463 more words


The 5 Day Fashion Challenge Day 3

Hello everyone! Welcome back to day 3 of the 5 day fashion challenge. Today my outfit is pretty fun. I am wearing a t shirt that says, “Wednesdays, best night of the week.” This shirt is from my youth group at Church. 79 more words


Currently // 01/09

 Currently thankful for:

  • A spontaneous sunday brunch with a dear friend I hadn’t seen in a long time. It was so good to finally hang out with her.
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January 2018

Let's Walk In Between

You know the feeling when you take that first bite of a warm, homemade cookie? The one that makes you close your eyes and think, “Mm, that’s wonderful.” In that sweet experience (literally), the world pauses just for a second and all is good. 944 more words



She was scared, not because of her story, but scared of being vulnerable, of people seeing her scars, leaving all her dirty parts out there for the world to see. 303 more words