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Holy Week Devotions: The King on a Donkey

Kings generally like to let people know exactly who they are: they drive in expensive cars; wear fancy clothes and a crown; and generally like to make their authority and position well known to anyone who sees them. 340 more words

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The Fear Of Having Faith .

What is fear ? Have you experienced fear ? Do you feel like you’re experiencing fear right now ? What is faith ? What is the fear of having faith ? 1,177 more words

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BoxTrolls and Freedom

I think my favourite movie of last year would definitely have to be the film BoxTrolls, it is absolutely hilarious. Me and Joe went to watch it while on our honeymoon, then we preordered it so we could watch it again as soon as it come out on DVD! 556 more words

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How Can I Love the Hard to Love?

For a while I worked in a chemist. Whilst I had this job, there was a man who came in everyday day to drink the green grunge that her heroin addicts have to take, methadone. 455 more words

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The Truth in the Mirror, a story of God's love for you

She stared into the mirror, examining the face that looked back at her. The same face that had looked back her whole life. Today it was different though, as she looked she didn’t just see what was on the outside, she saw what was inside as well. 382 more words

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Locks Of Love

12 inches lighter! One of the many things that sets my soul on fire, is doing my best to begin every day with an attitude of thanks and giving with all God has given me. 70 more words

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God Doesn't Bless Jealousy . (Your Time Is Coming!)

This specific blog post has taken me forever (it seems like) to write . I wrote this post multiple times, only to find out it didn’t come out as I had planned .   1,319 more words

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