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Waiting for Someday & Living for Now

At this time of my life I am easily becoming overwhelmed by the amount of choices facing me. Being seventeen isn’t what I thought it would, I don’t exactly think I am who I thought I would be. 509 more words


Obedience, Transformation, & Influence

“The only one that can truly satisfy the human heart is the one that made it.”  But knowing this truth, it gives me all the more reason to call this season that I’m in currently very interesting.   1,946 more words

Feeling Cut Off From God

This might be a bit controversial, but sometimes I feel a little bit annoyed at God. Disgruntled might be a better word, but nevertheless sometimes I am completely on fire for God – and sometimes that fire goes out. 982 more words


Daily Reminder 

​Often I am blown away by the little faith I have. The reality that I know God heals but the lack of boldness I have to pray. 316 more words


Road Trips

I love to drive. I have loved driving since the first time I sat in the driver’s seat of my mother’s SUV when I was 14. 248 more words


Having a Spirit of Expectancy

I have a prayer that I say when I am entering into my quiet time/journal time with the Lord,

Heavenly Spirit, I ask that You be present and reveal to me whatever it is that is keeping me from entering into a deeper relationship with the Lord.

1,979 more words

I Will Walk Upon the Waves

To be honest, this post has been sitting in my drafts for nearly 3 weeks.  Why? First because my internet has been out for that long.   1,058 more words