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The Comfort Zone & The Ark

Hi, I’m Becky.

Alright, it sure has been a hot minute since I’ve written my last post. I can fill all this empty space with a thousand reasons about how life is busy and blah blah blah, but instead I’ll be real with you. 927 more words



One time…A lot of times, I’ve been so mad at myself, I’ll scold myself by writing out what I feel.I’d write something like, ‘Mariam, You’re not doing enough!!!, Mariam, were are your results!! 474 more words


When Change Is Hard

Wow. What a month it has been! May has been jam-packed with so many exciting adventures and new challenges.

As I was thinking about this month’s post and what God has been doing in my life, the word “change” kept bubbling up in my mind. 1,663 more words


how to enjoy being single

I’m single, unlike a lot of my friends around my age. If I’m being totally honest, it sucks sometimes, especially when they’re going out with their boyfriends, posting cute pictures together, and constantly oohing and ahhing over their guy. 950 more words


Why Home is Hard (and Learning that Change is a Good Thing)

My college pals and I make a distinction between “school home” and “home home.” Otherwise, talking about home gets a bit confusing. So we slap a different labels on the two ponds we have our Chacos planted in and sing “home sweet home” in two different places and all is well. 1,141 more words


Which is Your Motivator?

How do you live your life?

What are your goals, and how do you go about achieving them?

A question asked at my home Church which I found important is this: are you moved by excitement or inspiration? 857 more words