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It's Okay to Let Go

Whenever I move house I’m amazed by all the stuff that I have collected, rubbish, that I never even needed in the first place. Bin-bags and bin-bags full of the stuff. 337 more words


G O D - O F - E V E R Y - M O M E N T

Here’s another one of my former posts that I’m transferring onto In Pursuit… :)

Many times I’ve been told not to run on the tile floor after it had been moped.  372 more words

Christian Blog

6 Reasons to Share Your Story (even if it seems boring!)

I love hearing testimonies in church. Stories of how God has completely changed a person’s life around.

These stories are such an encouragement, and they really do strengthen my faith. 600 more words


Before taking action 

I have been reading first Samuel over this month and I finished it last night before bed! Something that stood out to me was, the disobedience of Saul. 358 more words


How to Stay Positive, Even When You Don't Feel Like it

What do you find it easier to do: Count your blessings; or count your failures? Count the things that you have done, or count the things you haven’t? 299 more words


For I Know The Plans I Have For...Me?

The question I hated to most during my senior year of college was, “What are you doing after graduation?” In my mind I’d say, “Well if I knew, I wouldn’t be having intense anxiety over it, now would I?”  Of course in the end to satisfy the family, professors, and nosy fellow graduates who really just wanted to brag about their future plans, I would give them my rehearsed answer: “I’m going to work for a year until I can save up money for grad school.”  This was a great answer and very noble…if it were true. 2,294 more words

W E L C O M E - C H A N G E (In Pursuit!)

This is a post from my new blog In Pursuit

Have you ever heard someone say “welcome” to change? I haven’t. In fact change is something that… 144 more words

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