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God, Where Are You?

“We are going to just sit in the still and reflect on our souls. We want to calm the chaos and look to see what is actually¬†on¬†our hearts. 680 more words


The Lie I Believed for nearly 15 Years

When I was about thirteen years old one of my “friends” told me that I should never wear my hair pulled back from my face. She told me that it didn’t suit me because I had a massive forehead. 384 more words


"Googly Eyed" Relationships

I liked what my youth pastor said Sunday. He said, “Don’t get googly eyed. Your boyfriend/girlfriend is not perfect, and not everything they do is right.” … 140 more words


Walking with God

God calls you apart, like Abraham.

God will test you, and ask you to sacrifice what he promised you, which in turn becomes the most valuable to you (Isaac). 432 more words


Refiners Fire

Imagine a bowl of jewels.They are all precious, they sparkle in the light. Some are bigger and some are smaller. They are all different shapes and colours. 320 more words


Tell Your Soul to be Happy

My mom and I had a talk last night. She told me to remember to keep my joy. I’ve been going through some things, and my mom had the most perfect reply. 199 more words


Good Things Will Grow

I stood on the pavement feeling nothing but helpless. Less that two years before I had been the one at the top of the stairs clutching my granddad’s arm. 340 more words