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Was Jesus Funny?

Was Jesus fun? To some, they picture Jesus as being this very strict man who walked around quoting scripture and being simply put…a little boring. I recently was listening to a Christian radio station and they made a good point. 1,321 more words


Bad Christian Tattoos

There are many ways to go wrong with tattoos. Names of old flames, too scary, too colorful. Not to mention the faded tattoo of the girl on one’s arm done 50 years ago. 133 more words


United Methodist Clergy Trading Cards (the next new sensation)

United Methodist Clergy Trading Cards

At a St. Louis Cardinal Baseball game a few years back, a fellow United Methodist clergy member and I were discussing the need for our denomination to attract more gifted people into ordained ministry.  569 more words

Rev. Shane L. Bishop

Adolf Hitler on Growing a Church

Great footage recently discovered on a forgotten shelf in a German museum:

Hat Tip: Wretched Radio

American Church

I'm SO not funny at times, it makes me so VERY FuNnY

Humor has its place, and should be part of everyone’s lives.

So, I married a funny man. Josh’s funny faces, character voices and impersonations (Sean Connery, Mike Myers, Forest Gump, John Madden, Harry Caray), velociraptor portrayal (who does that?) can ALWAYS get a laugh. 669 more words

Christian Seeds

My Take on Aging

In a few days, I’ll be a year older. And I have noticed some signs of “maturing” … like the bit-bigger-than-freckles spots on my hands, arms, and legs. 20 more words

Quotes Of Encouragement