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Adolf Hitler on Growing a Church

Great footage recently discovered on a forgotten shelf in a German museum:

Hat Tip: Wretched Radio

American Church

I'm SO not funny at times, it makes me so VERY FuNnY

Humor has its place, and should be part of everyone’s lives.

So, I married a funny man. Josh’s funny faces, character voices and impersonations (Sean Connery, Mike Myers, Forest Gump, John Madden, Harry Caray), velociraptor portrayal (who does that?) can ALWAYS get a laugh. 663 more words

Christian Seeds

My Take on Aging

In a few days, I’ll be a year older. And I have noticed some signs of “maturing” … like the bit-bigger-than-freckles spots on my hands, arms, and legs. 20 more words

Quotes Of Encouragement

Leggo My Jesus!

I was meeting a friend at a coffee shop in a very large bookstore which shall remain unnamed. From afar I saw a bright, shining cloud. 445 more words


Judge not, unless it's on Facebook...

(Day 30 of 365)

I was scrolling through the emotional minefield that is my Facebook news feed looking for something, but I wasn’t sure what. Ah, the possibilities! 525 more words