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When Someone Starts Humble Bragging About How They Don't Eat Doritos for the Lord

Have you ever spoken with a fellow Christian about their beliefs and they end up making some off the wall yet oddly specific statement about Doritos and God? 1,310 more words


God and Girdles

Okay. For my faithful readers who happen to be men. You may exit this post.

But for the ladies, especially those of a certain age- please continue. 322 more words


"The Miraculous Multiplying Pie"

This is #010 of “The Lloyd Servant Show,” and he certainly has come a long way since #001 because he can now afford more television time! 104 more words


"Emotions Are For Ugly People!"

Hmmm…“Emotions are For ugly people”…I’m not sure I can agree with that! (But remember, it is April Fool’s Day after all!) But concerning Laura’s makeup, well, I must admit that you have a point. 169 more words


Christian humor- A Closer Look

While you may have heard that people thought Christianity to be something boring, this is not true at all. We live as offspring of light in a dull world. 29 more words

Introducing Clear-Cut Products For Christian humor

In case you wish to be able to enjoy your Christianity, you need to know your position clearly. Jesus didn’t result in these present circumstances world to make us extraterrestrial creatures, yet to empower us to flourish in each part of our human life. Without a decent creation, without…