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Bad Ideas for Church Advertising

While in another country, I saw ads painted on the sides of homes and buildings. It was a way for the home or business owner to make some extra income. 186 more words


Why God Would Handle the Line at “Redbox” Better Than I Did

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be God and to have a day be like a thousand years and a thousand years like a day? 1,049 more words

Honda Civic + Mattress on the Highway = Glorious Miracle in the Making

Some people say that it’s hard to have faith. I don’t know about that. Most people have faith drooling out of their nose and ears. I mean, not necessarily faith in Jesus or anything like that, but take for instance these guys I saw one time that were getting onto the acceleration ramp to the highway. 1,076 more words

How to Make Your Wife Laugh Uncontrollably In 3 Easy Steps

I don’t usually want to be writing a bunch of stuff “just for entertainment” or anything like that but helping people to laugh is important, so why not use these 3 very simple tips to get that special girl of yours laughing uncontrollably? 401 more words