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"The Worst Best Headline Ever"

So now we know why the last installment of “The Lloyd Servant Show” was titled “False Requiem”! That really wasn’t for our dear Betty Mae Butler after all! 254 more words


Great News! (At Least To Me! Maybe You Too?)

I discovered yesterday that Patron now allows for the attachment of ePub documents! This is something that I haven’t been able to do with WordPress! 136 more words


A Few More "Reboot" Details

As part of the recent “Reboot” for Nickel Boy Graphics, I began reworking some of the initial comic strips beginning with Laser Eyes Jesus. This was partly to make them fit into a new format that would work better across all of the comic strips (some funny, some serious), but also to align them better with my first goal: “Present the Gospel in a way that is visually connected with our times.” 250 more words


"Time For A REBOOT!"

If you’ve gotten here expecting to find something the typical…you may be just a little disappointed. I’ve scrapped everything here (work produced since January 2017) and have started the biggest REBOOT of my entire life as a graphic artist! 72 more words


The Scoop From The Coop!

Hi, everyone! Chicken duties, job searchs, and a pile of other things have been consuming a great deal of time lately when what I would really prefer to do is just focus on comic strips! 176 more words


The Obituary of Bessie Buemiller

Bessie Buemiller passed away “Down in the Valley.” Bessie shall not “Pass This way again,” so “Count your Many Blessings.”

Bessie’s life could best be described as “God moves in mysterious Ways”. 286 more words


God and Girdles

Okay. For my faithful readers who happen to be men. You may exit this post.

But for the ladies, especially those of a certain age- please continue. 322 more words