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A Matter Of Personal Conviction

The Outspoken TULIP exists as a response to compromise within present-day evangelicalism. Many (if not most) evangelicals have capitulated to worldly philosophies and practices including yoga, homosexuality, contemplative prayer and psychology. 732 more words

Christian Doctrine

In Acts 16 Paul encourages Timothy to be circumcised, then later condemns it. Was he being hypocritical?

I don’t think the apostle was being hypocritical at all. This is a very interesting historical situation that the New Testament records for us. It does say that Paul circumcised Timothy and then refused to circumcise Titus, and this became a major controversy in the early church. 111 more words


The Perilous Business of Pastoring

I am grateful to Doug Wilson for his thoughtful response to my post yesterday on the matter of binding consciences. It offered a good opportunity, I think, to move the conversation forward in clarifying the central issues at stake, both for the purposes of the present kerfluffle and any others that might arise. 2,876 more words

Christian Ethics

On Binding Consciences: The Word of God and the Words of Man

It’s tough being a pastor. I know because I’ve never dared try, but I’ve watched others try. Sure, you can always avoid preaching on anything so concrete and close to home as to ruffle any feathers, and some ministers have perfected the art of doing so for years on end. 2,384 more words

Christian Ethics

Freemasonry and the Christian Conscience

On what day of the week to hold church services, going to see rated R-movies, eating or abstaining from pork and shellfish, drinking alcoholic beverages, … 4,310 more words

John Calvin On Christian Liberty And Things Indifferent

“’All things are lawful’, but not all things are helpful” (1 Corinthians 10:23 ESV)

We live in a Church culture that can sometimes be described as “legalistic.”  Many of us would not think of ourselves as legalists but each of us has within us a penchant for law. 2,915 more words