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Our Continuing Heritage: Interview with Jemima Joy

Salt Shakers: Thanks for agreeing to do this interview with Salt Shakers! First of all, can you tell us a bit about your family’s background with regards to church membership? 1,615 more words

Issue 46

Welch Revivals, Bondage And Actual Obedience To The Lord

For years, John and I have been getting DVDs from Netflix. For reasons that would distract from the point of this blog post, we’ll be closing our account soon, so we’re watching the last few movies on our queue. 506 more words


Creator And Sustainer

Colossians 1 may well be one of my favorite chapters in the Bible! This morning I read just one section of it, but I couldn’t stop taking notes and marveling at the depths of Who Jesus is and how absolute His power is. 288 more words

Christian Doctrine

False Teachings Or Simply Disagreements?

Who is a false teacher? Sadly some popular “discernment” ministries are currently throwing out accusations of heresy against other well-known Christian apologists, largely over matters of how they approach their ministry.  453 more words

Christian Doctrine

Insights Resulting From A Haircut

Do you ever have one of those days where you just didn’t structure your time efficiently? I knew my friend was coming to give us haircuts this morning, and I knew she’d come later than expected. 264 more words


Liberty from Sin

When I was a teenager a member of my immediate family attended a party at a known drug house. Our uncle was captain of the drug detail, and his team was staked out in preparation for a raid that night. 1,159 more words