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What Is "Christian Liberty"?

I am a 25 year-old Calvinist. Which means, most people in Christian circles would categorize me as belonging to the “young, restless, and reformed” camp. Unfortunately, outwardly speaking, I confirm all of the stereotypes one might have about a 25 year-old Calvinist: I… 1,677 more words


Is Sabbath-Keeping Bondage?



If we are thus straitly bound to rest, we are still in as great a bondage as the Jews were under the law.  118 more words

Bondage & Christian Liberty

Now That The Nativity Feast Day Is Over…

Please consider what our Protestant ancestors believed, taught, and practiced:

“Shall we suppose that Christ and his apostles, in abrogating those days which God himself had appointed to be observed, without instituting others in their room, intended that either churches or individuals should be allowed to substitute whatever they pleased in their room? 56 more words

Bondage & Christian Liberty

Under a More Heavy Bondage

It is good to ponder the observance of Christmas and other feast days apart from the emotion of the season:

“Yes, some will say, to observe the Jewish days after they were abolished by God, was sinful and dangerous, but we do not keep Jewish days. 170 more words

Bondage & Christian Liberty

What Could Be Wrong With Feast Days?

Sean Anderson:

“We may ask, as long as the day is cleansed from popish and heathen superstition, what could be wrong with the feast days? Is it not just another occasion to preach redemptive history? 108 more words

Regulative Principle Of Worship

How (Not) to Have a Foot in Both Kingdoms: Protestant Models for Christian Citizenship

The following is the full text of a presentation delivered at Wheaton College on September 23, 2016, for an event co-sponsored by The Davenant Trust… 5,000 more words

Christian Ethics

Known By The Decision Of The Person Involved

Bob DeWaay on how God’s providential will is revealed in matters of Christian liberty:

The story of Paul’s journey to Jerusalem also invalidates the idea that decisions by the church about what the Spirit is saying are binding on the individual. 148 more words