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Single Mother In Church

Please know that we love God too…

For many of us who have grown up in Apostolic, Pentecostal, Old School, Foot Stamping, Hat Wearing, Hand Clapping ( you get the picture) churches, we’ve listened to message after message about the backsliders, and the girls that left church “for a man”, the ones that trimmed their way to find love, having babies out of wedlock and many other saying and labels for how a woman became a single mother. 908 more words

Not What I Planned: A Mother’s Reflection on the Fears of Parenthood

Ever since I was young, I’ve always knew I wanted kids with my future husband. I had it all planned out: married by 21, enjoy being a married couple for 5 years and then have 1-2 kids and be done by the time I was 30. 779 more words


God's Story and Your Story

The world God made is one that has a plot line.  That is to say, all history is going somewhere. We live within that great story – we are characters in God’s narrative. 705 more words

Christian Life

Human "BE"ings

Being is the fact of existing; living thing. God created us, human beings to exist. Our purpose in life is to “be” what God wants us to be. 93 more words

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HOLY $#%&!

Got your attention?

How often do you hear something like this? “You look just like your Grandpa!” “You’ve got thick brown hair, just like your grandpa”. 964 more words

Christian Life

The War for Authenticity

I grew up in church. I was there every time the doors were open. I loved every part of it until one night at church camp.   1,945 more words

Flying Pigs

Sometimes faith falters in the face of improbability.

I find while I’m praying that a voice in my head suggests I aim at targets that are more realistic,  pray for things which are ‘easier’ for God to answer. 509 more words

Living The Life