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Father Abraham: Warrior

Genesis 14

Abram remain conscious of God’s promises; he remained in Canaan and prospered. Lot saw a financial advantage and left Canaan to live on the Jordan plain, taking up his headquarters in Sodom, a town filled with wickedness against God. 956 more words



Christmas is my favorite holiday.  I love the spirit of joy and giving that permeates our lives.  Bonnie and I start the season with our traditional selection of Christmas movies.  380 more words

Christian Life

You Were Made for Fellowship

Proverbs 27:17
As iron sharpens iron, so one man another .

You were made for fellowship and companionship with others. You need each other for uplifting and encouragement.

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Each day, there are endless opinions printed, posted, tweeted, spoken, shouted and displayed on protest signs and bumper stickers; but at the end of it all these words will still be true: 211 more words


All Education is Religious

“All education is religious education. Place a child in an environment where God is never mentioned, and what will she conclude? Either God isn’t real, or he’s irrelevant. 715 more words

Christian Life

"I Can Live With It" An Advent Meditation

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

The Gospel according to Saint Mark records the story of a man that brought his son to Jesus the Christ to be cured of a deadly disease. 1,472 more words