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Spending some time in the kitchen and listening to worship songs. Do you ever just start having a little ‘worship’ service when you are going about our normal jobs?

Putting God On Trial!

“…They did not believe in God and did not trust his saving power”.   Psalm 78:22

Have you come to a place in your life where you felt God has let you down? 775 more words

Christian Faith

When will be your turn?

Hello again world, we meet again.

Hope you guys have been well and behaved yourselves.

So much has happened, so little has changed. What I have learned is:  I prefer being condor to everything in this life and would prefer that being reciprocated. 826 more words


What Are Your Limits?

Have you placed limitations on yourself? I was reminded of something today limits are mean to be broken. When you place limits on yourself you keep growth at bay. 286 more words

I Promise You!

As sinners in this evil world, we are going to sin. Everyone. Whether we are involved in stealing, killing, lying, or cheating doesn’t matter to God. 131 more words

Christian Living

The Tragedy of an Unprepared Life

To start the audio of this message go to the bottom of this page and click on the arrow  OR
 read the synopsis below and then click on the arrow at the bottom of this page. 957 more words

Interdenominational Christianity

Are you a Christian or a Democrat?

Don’t jump on me to fast, read the rest of the post.

This really is a terrible question but I find that coming from a Christian viewpoint it seems many Christian people in the United States feel that if you are a Christian you have to be a republican. 231 more words

Christian Life