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My Favorite Course this Semester is... My Own

Maybe I’m being just slightly overly ambitious this semester. Maybe my (extremely) better class schedule has made me a little cocky and think I can do whatever I want. 1,203 more words

Christian Life

Before We Even Knew

This morning I am sharing a quick thought on Romans 5:8 (with the surrounding verses included for context). I wrote these thoughts eight years ago, but they still ring true for me now. 325 more words

When Will The Tears Stop?

Tears. They can be such a blessed relief and comfort sometimes, but they can also feel never ending. When I first learned about my husband’s affair I strangely couldn’t cry very much. 1,186 more words

Word of the year: Through

The idea of an annual theme word is not new. It’s just new to me.

Last year, there was a verse that stuck with me all year long, that I came back to time and again as life went through its peaks and troughs. 366 more words

Christian Life

Big Dreams

What would you do if you knew that you would not fail?

That is a question that I have asked multiple people (myself included) on multiple occasions. 637 more words

Christian Life

Race Against The Battery

I was just meeting with a friend for coffee and talking with him about his pursuit of becoming a better writer. It reminded me of a time when I blogged far more regularly. 844 more words


We often refer to our life with God as our walk with God.  The writer of Hebrews (12:1) more enthusiastically refers to it as a race.  239 more words

Christian Life