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Use for the Foolish

What if you could’ve invented the Apple iPhone or painted the Mona Lisa? What if you were talented enough and at the right place at the right time to discover penicillin or to prove the world was round? 390 more words

Christian Life

“The REST of Your Life”

I have written a post titled “Power-Steering”- which details how our lives are meant to be driven by divine power.

Well, that power involves a paradox because power arises out of our weakness and inability, as a common proverb states: “Force is borne of rest.” 2,388 more words

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Cyprian’s Letter to Christians in Prison

Cyprian’s letter to his Christian friends who were in prison for their faith and condemned to forced labor in the mines is one of my favorite writings from the early church fathers: 225 more words

Christian Life


“But they who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength.”  This familiar verse from Isaiah 40:31 has the word wait in it.  Generally not a favorite word for me, and I’d venture to guess not for you either.  270 more words

Christian Life

Is it Worth It?

Do you ever wonder if it’s worth it to do what’s right? To act right? To parent right? To do business right? To coach right? Daily routines and disappointments can undermine our resolve, but there’s a powerful verse to be held onto. 119 more words


Matters of First Importance (Part 1)

Evangelicalism walks a very fine line between maintaining unity and contending for the faith. It is a joyous and treacherous position to be in. Stray too far to the one side and you fall off the cliff of heresy. 343 more words

Christian Life

Recharging Our Batteries

One thing I do when I first get up every morning is to look at the status of my phone battery. I find that the early morning is the best time for me to charge it because I am least likely to get a call or a text message this time of day. 1,000 more words