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Our suffering servant

Most of us have at some point in our lives been shocked and appalled at the suffering in this world. You drive past the mangled body on the side of the road. 2,140 more words


So Much More Than We Know

What is sin?

We tend to talk more in terms of sins – things that we do that break God’s moral standards. And this is biblical and helpful. 407 more words

Christian Life

When God Meets Our Needs by Pastor Abidan Shah

This weekend I will be preaching the fifth message on the Lord’s Prayer.

In this message we will focus on the line – “Give us this day our daily bread.” After focusing on the glory of God in the first three petitions, Jesus turns towards personal petitions. 73 more words

Persecuted Christians

I’m trying to remember the Christian movies I’ve watched, or the Christian books I’ve read. The books—Left Behind Series, A Voice in the Wind, Filling Up the Afflictions of Christ, Kingdoms in Conflict, One Holy Passion, The Prodigal God, Experiencing God, Rome and the Bible, Pain: The Gift Nobody Wants, Prayer, Strengthening Your Grip, Revolution in World Missions—bawat aklat na ito, nobela man o hindi, ay hindi mawawalan ng elemento ng paghihirap o mga kwento ng pag-uusig. 2,004 more words

Sermon Songs: Ephesians 4:7-10

Our Lord descends for you and me, Consider His great love
Ascends again in victory, Praise Him who reigns above

Our Lord has conquered ev’ry foe, His courage now receive… 43 more words


America has spoken now judgment can begin

On Tuesday the last candidate that could be called truly “Christian” was rejected by the United States of America. The death sentence of this once proud nation has been sounded. 511 more words


Leicester City.

Everyone is writing about Leicester City at the moment. So here I add my own musings. I write specifically to ponder upon how a group of people can achieve success. 581 more words

Christian Life