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Simplifying In Order To Excel

Sometimes it is best to let go and simplify life in order to move forward. It is amazing how much junk we acquire over the years with little to no thought as to how it affects our life. 1,075 more words


No secular and Sacred

A spiritually vigorous saint never believes that his circumstances simply happen at random, nor does he ever think of his life as being divided into the secular and the sacred. 40 more words

Driven by God

Day 3:  What drives your life?

Sit down and think for a moment just what drives you to do what you do every day. Is it the need to be successful? 278 more words

Christian Living

When Our Walk Can Speak Just as Loudly as a March

The past few days have been full of “words” and “signs.” Honestly, I didn’t understand what was going on so I did some research and asked some hard questions so I could understand a little bit more. 1,244 more words

Christian Living

Blind to Love

We cannot love without trust, nor trust without love.

This is true in friendships, marriages, and our relationship with God. I may say I know God loves me, but there are times when it doesn’t seem true. 982 more words


"Your Word is Truth"

In John 17 Jesus prays for his disciples and those that would follow. He prays, “Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth.” All truth is bound in Jesus Christ. 69 more words

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Blessings in our Mistakes

It happened so suddenly. It was a simple daily task. Washing dishes. I needed music. Perhaps, I should have heeded to the warning voice that suggested that setting my cell phone in the windowsill above the sink full of soapy dishwater was possibly a recipe for potential disaster…but I didn’t. 632 more words

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