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Dealing with Rejection

Have you ever been rejected by someone?  I know I have within the last week and probably will experience rejection at some other points in my life.  549 more words

Christian Meditation

Neil interviewed about John Main

Click below to hear Neil talking to Joe Cannon about In Stillness Dancing — the journey of John Main.

Part 1


Part 2… 30 more words

Christian Meditation

The Value of Silence

Silence and prayer

If we take as our guide the oldest prayer book, the biblical Psalms, we note two main forms of prayer. One is a lament and cry for help. 913 more words


Pondering Prayer #6

Have you ever felt encouraged because you knew someone was praying for you? Have you ever encouraged someone by letting him know you are lifting him up in prayer? 653 more words

Christian Meditation

Frills and Fillers in Christianity

I am not sure where my Father wants me to go with this post but as I was praying this morning, i felt the need to write this. 718 more words


Meditation - Can I?

So I have been thinking a lot about meditation (meditating on it, as it were;) and how it fits into the Christian’s life. On the surface, I automatically feel “guilty” when I think about meditation and participating in it because it’s so “New Agey.” Still, somewhere deep within me, I feel it is right. 491 more words


John Main: the first English monk since reformation called to the bar.

To commemorate the forthcoming new edition of In The Stillness Dancing – the life of Father John Main here is chapter 6. This is a description of the interim period in Douglas (John) Main’s life after being called to the bar, after his return from Malaya to a new career teaching law, and before the future where his ideas would lead to his founding of a new monastery in the New World. 3,013 more words

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