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Friday Lent Week Five

When we dramatise ourselves we miss the real drama, the real meaning, of experience. Self-posturing gets in the way of real presence and distorts our vision of things. 366 more words


The Wave

Accepting the reality of “what is” is often one of the hardest things we as Christians are asked to do…

The disappointment of a change never coming, can be a knee-breaking experience from which a recovery feels beyond reproach… 397 more words

Thursday Lent week Five

We crave drama, anything to animate the monotony of the mundane. But this craving contradicts the need for security and the advantages of routine that usually win the day. 462 more words


Wednesday Lent Week Five

A key word in relating to the mystery of Christ is kenosis or ‘emptying’, We are told that Jesus ‘emptied’ himself or ‘became as nothing’. This applies especially to the ordeals of his last days of life which are described as the ultimate act of service – using the metaphor of a slave or servant who has no identity of their own but has become wholly other-centred. 373 more words


Tuesday Lent Week Five

Paradox is the portal to truth.

This may easily sound glib. Paradox can be fudged into something merely confusing where we don’t really suffer through the awkward contradictions of life, the bitter disappointments, betrayals of hopes, hurricanes of egoism, jungles of illusion and those swamps of misunderstandings that separate us from others for decades. 364 more words


Lenten Wrap Up & Search for the next book

Ronnie, Carlyn and I had a very pleasant meet Sunday afternoon 3/18.  We jumped about the wonderful Hope As Old As Fire book dates, several in March and some in December.  440 more words


Monday Lent Week Five

According to the Te-Tao Ching, an ancient Chinese wisdom text, right living depends on wisdom; and wisdom consists in a paradox as radical as that we find in the Beatitudes and the meaning of the story of the life and death of Jesus. 389 more words