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The Man-Crisis

by Devin Ryan, ’16

Aquinas, we have a man-crisis.  Feminists may cry out against the ills patriarchy, yet today more than ever we need authentic male leadership and fellowship within the Church. 331 more words

{Thursday's Three Thank-yous} Ye merry gentle men

I grew up without a father for most of my life, but I’ve always had several father figures. There were many to be found within the church I grew up with in Singapore, and God has this wonderful way of providing different ones at each stage of my life. 398 more words

Moments & Milestones

Restore us O Lord

Written by: Michael Menezes

Lam 5.23 – Restore us O Lord and bring us back to you again.

Lamentations was written by Jeremiah, who was an eye witness of the destruction that happened in Jerusalem.

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Godly Men

Little Lights in a Very Dark Place

I like to compare the state of the world (mankind as a whole) metaphorically to the universe as one sees it at night when it is so utterly dark you can’t possibly walk very far without fear of tripping. 1,235 more words


Join us at Elevate Christian Music Festival this weekend in Prescott, AZ and enter to win 2 sets of 4 BOX SEATS to the 4th of July Diamondbacks game against the Colorado Rockies! 8 more words

Are you a giving man?

I don’t know if you’re like me that when I give money to a charity, a birthday card to a friend or a friendly wave to a customer that walks by the window, it gives me a great buzz inside. 666 more words


I'll Shine the Light Cuz I am Loved...

I find it… interesting (in the most basic sense of the word)… that only a few weeks ago I had given up on one of my dearest dreams, but there was a part of me that realised it was good: because I just gave it all to God, let go, moved on, and tried desperately (by God’s grace) to be content with what He had for me no matter what I desired. 2,964 more words