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Who Am I?

In today’s times our churches are plagued with men who lack the backbone to be, to their fullest potential, who God calls them to be. All to often, we doubt our ability to rise to the calling. 962 more words


Feminist Infiltration and the Emasculation of Christian Men

I hate radical secular feminism. I really do. Don’t get me wrong, I deeply appreciate the right to vote and own property. I think that men and women with the same amount of experience and education should be paid the same amount of money for doing the same job. 982 more words

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Why I Gave Up On "Love"

This title is so depressing, and perhaps what I am about to write is depressing too. I honestly have no idea, after all, I often find joy and laughter in the strangest of things, this might just be one of them. 2,300 more words


Humility in discipleship.

I fear that all of my posts on discipleship are giving people the wrong idea about me.  Speaking boldly into spiritual matters can give others the misperception that you are a “professional” Christian.   621 more words


Get A Mentor! 5 Astonishing Success Secrets Behind Mentorship

You have been doing your best.

You have made the commitment to be the best at your business.

You are doing the same stuff that a million other entrepreneurs are doing. 2,584 more words


Heroes of The Family: Men Be a Model

Heroes of The Family:  Men Be a Model

Lesson 71: Christian Men Are Expected to Lead The Way.

Thu April 21, 2016: Heroes of The Family… 508 more words


You Ain't Done

Your life is an amazing story. If somewhere along the way a great writer had been there to capture your finest moments or most bitter failures people would be captivated by it. 804 more words

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