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If you are anything like me, just reading this word would have made you shiver and say, “I’m not reading this crap.” Growing up, I hated this word. 971 more words

The Mailbag: Is it OK for Christian men to read Christian women's blogs?

As a man, am I not to read or seek to understand anything from your blog because a woman wrote it? (1 Timothy 2:12)

While other female bloggers might answer differently, as far as my personal position goes, the short answer to your question is no. 541 more words

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Interesting Perspective on an Issue that is Destroying Christian Men -- Pornography

Interesting Article —

I was addicted to porn and here’s how I stopped


But even though I wanted to stop, I found that I just couldn’t make myself do it.

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Who are you?

Have you ever wondered Who You Are? Can you answer this question honestly? My name is Eduardo. If I legally change my name, am I no longer me? 137 more words


Pastoral Propriety with Church Ladies, and 7 Ways Women Can Help

Yesterday, I read a fantastic article for pastors entitled The Pastor and Inappropriate Interactions with Women in the Church. (I’ll give you the gist of it, but it’d be better if you would take a second and read it. 665 more words

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Alex Zanardi: An Extraordinary Man

With less than a liter of blood left in his body, Alex Zanardi’s heart stopped seven times and he was read his last rites by a priest on the helicopter ride from the Eurospeedway to the hospital. 184 more words

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Sovereign: That Moment When God Finds You

What is your story? Everyone has a story, a journey, or an account that they could always share with others. Today I would like to share a personal testimony. 991 more words

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