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In The Right Place To See YOUR FACE

Psalms 73v28

Christianity is about closeness of relationship between man and GOD. Just as our FATHER IN HEAVEN meant for it to be from the beginning. 352 more words

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The Most Financially Profitable

Psalms 37v25

Christians like many people are continually bothered and unable to meet their financial responsibilities and targets. This is something I have always found maddening to see Christians who are heirs of the cosmos battling to scrap together even the smallest amounts of money let alone having any type of financial freedom. 324 more words

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Day 1, 2 - Recap

So far on my trip through the South has been amazing. Haven’t taken hardly any pictures which I somewhat regret. But the memories and conversations are etched in my mind for eternity. 190 more words

Pride List

Recently God has been working on me and my pride. He has shown me that in the center of my addictions is a fortress of… 718 more words


See Him Who Is Invisible

Hebrews 11v27

Existence is much more than the 3 dimensions we witness each day going about our lives as human beings. Christianity is constantly asking us to contend with those 3 dimensions and see HIM who is invisible. 435 more words

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There is Only ONE GOD

Deuteronomy 6v4

There is only One GOD. YHWH is HIS name. HE is HOLY and above all. There is only One GOD. The GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. 319 more words

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