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Humility in discipleship.

I fear that all of my posts on discipleship are giving people the wrong idea about me.  Speaking boldly into spiritual matters can give others the misperception that you are a “professional” Christian.   621 more words


Get A Mentor! 5 Astonishing Success Secrets Behind Mentorship

You have been doing your best.

You have made the commitment to be the best at your business.

You are doing the same stuff that a million other entrepreneurs are doing. 2,584 more words


Heroes of The Family: Men Be a Model

Heroes of The Family:  Men Be a Model

Lesson 71: Christian Men Are Expected to Lead The Way.

Thu April 21, 2016: Heroes of The Family… 508 more words


You Ain't Done

Your life is an amazing story. If somewhere along the way a great writer had been there to capture your finest moments or most bitter failures people would be captivated by it. 804 more words

Christian Men

The Mark of a Man (pt V) "Why are men Messed up?"

In The Mark of a Man part 1   —   I gave an introduction to this series.

In The mark of a Man part 2   —   We discussed what it means to be a man (according to God). 559 more words


Heroes of The Family: Christian Responsibility

Heroes of The Family: Christian Responsibility

Lesson 62: Christians Have Responsibilities and Duties Given By God.

Tue March 22, 2016:

Heroes of The Family

by… 569 more words


Behind "looking good"

Making someone or something look good or great is in itself not a bad thing. But, when people are expected to put themselves out – sometimes to their own detriment – for the sake of the company, organization, community or individual, something is definitely not right about it. 862 more words

The Bride