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What The Men Of Tinder Don't Want You To Know

My father used to have all these pet names for me—things like “whore,” “slut,” and “cum dumpster.”

Just kidding—those are the kind-hearted sentiments sent to me by the men of Tinder. 1,045 more words

Jesus is not a dating service

Tell that to Christian Mingle and the many people who go to church in search of a relationship. Is it my imagination or should the purpose of church be to worship God and Jesus?  269 more words


Running through the Storm

This month of August has been the coldest ever.I mean the weather has been so bad,definitely not my kind of weather but we thank God for His continuous favor.I will need to buy myself a big Bunny to keep me warm thou… 436 more words

Just A Thought

What Would Jesus Watch - 3: Christian Mingle - The Movie

(Click Here if you can’t get the link above to work)

Welcome to “What Would Jesus Watch?”, our summer exploration into the overlooked and underexplored genre of Christian Cinema. 244 more words


Is Netflix my boyfriend?

I am having difficulty with this whole dating thing. I really want to meet someone and hit it off. I’d love to meet a man that will be good to me and do all the things a good boyfriend will do. 458 more words

The Dating Game

It’s pretty safe to say that anyone who’s currently single, or has been in the recent past, has tried or considered online dating. What used to be the punchline of jokes about desperate singles, has become the go-to method for meeting people — and the punchline for jokes about stalkers and catfish. 910 more words


On Dating Sites...- My journey from JC Match to Christian Mingle success.

This week is the 4 year anniversary of when Chason and I met face to face for the first time on my 22nd birthday after months of letters, texts and 7 hour phone calls. 1,143 more words